President’s Star Charity Show

Had lentils soup cooked by the high class Laval before we rushed down to MediaCorp for President’s Star Charity show! Fen is a co-choreographer and four of us got to watch the performance LIVE~!


I shall leave all the negative comments about various MediaCorp artistes to myself, but Fen’s item, choreographed by Derrek, was quite well done! Fen was an expert in 抢镜头. He was faking some warm up in the background when the Michelle was interviewing the artistes at the backstage. The four of us at the audience seat couldn’t stop laughing when we saw that telecasted on the projection screen. And apparently the camera man loved him too. I believe he got 5-10 seconds of on screen time when he was the central focus during the performance. Hur hur~ Oh, Yeelian was one of the O School dancers doing the Michael Jackson repertoire and she looked great too. 心机没有那么重,但她跳得很有架势。:)


The dancers and the six of us (including Yuki and her husband-to-be) went to the post performance reception. It was my first time being so close to celebrities: Michelle (who remained beautiful even up close and had the practice of mumbling her scripts several times before she appeared on screen), Gurmit (who could dance surprisingly well), Kim Kym (who is really small and was really friendly to her fans), Nat Ho (who was very soft spoken)… Hur hur~ Saw many youngsters walked to the artistes to request for a photo to be taken with them. 有点心痒痒,但还是跟艺人有点距离感会比较好。哈哈哈…

Random events: 钟情 钟琴 walked past us and said “Hello” in a very soft and cute voice; someone patted Laval’s back and said “Well done!” Also observed that Patricia Mok was pulling Nat Ho everywhere. I would have had some snide remarks about that, but having saw her putting in so much energy into the performance (unlike J*d* S**h who had blank looks on her face from time to time), I thought she could have some fun with him after all.

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I committed a horrible error on 20th September. The thought I had back then was if only I had kept in touch with you more often, then most probably you’d be able to sound out the alarm much earlier since you usually know my schedule much better than myself. However, the fact is I’ve been burying myself in many other stuffs but not been updating you. Therefore the clash in personal life and “work” came without me noticing, and I chose work. You’ve expressed your anger and disappointments. I kept my silence because I knew I was in the wrong (and I was stuck in a Catch-22).


It was amazing (to me) how quickly we discussed about the elephant in the room, killed it, and moved on to other topics. Not many other people could get me converse and explain my thoughts as easily as you. Especially when it comes to admitting my mistakes, or explaining my dilemma. I even had the guts to comment how you made things about you even though you were not the protagonist of the event.


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Event One After BJ-SH-HZ-HK Trip

First tHing that we did after we cAme back from our two-week triP was none other than celebrating Mr. Fen’s twenty-eighth birthday. So 巧 that it’s his birthday the very next day and the master mind Ms Yuen had it Planned out the moment our plane touched down. She informed Laval and Christalle to buy a cake (a verY last minute request I think), she requested me be the mole and update her of Fen’s activities in the house, and she even got Laval to ferry her from her place to Fen’s. *Cough* Si BeI bossy… *Cough*

To pRevent The surprise party from losing tHe surprise element, Huizhi actually sneaked into the house (anD then into the toilet to blow balloons) while LAval shooed Fen back into his room and chatted with him about random stuffs, just to keep Fen in the room. Christalle then helped Laval in distracting Fen by trYing to converse about the China trip. So meanwhile, Huizhi was doing the following in the toilet~!

Photobucket Photobucket

Happy birthday~! We’ve got a surprise for you… It’s some

I was trying to suppress my laughter When I received hEr SMS that she was blowing balloons in the toilet and I popped over to help her with one. I realize that its been so long since I’Ve blown a balloon. Hur hur~


Once sufficient balloons werE blown, it was time to quickly decorate the living room with whatever we’ve Got. All the while with Mr. Fen “entertained” by Christalle.


Once all the preparations were done, Fen was invited ouT of the room and out there wAs everyone there to celebrate his birthday. Heh~ Oh, and it happened that May 28th was ChriStina’s birthday (she’s the German hoUsemate by the way). So we 顺便 had a belated celebRation for her too. More random Photos below~

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Funny thing was ChRistina’s boyfrIend(?) was there but Fen waS the one who seemed to be cutting a wedding cake with hEr. Hahaha

The cake was a tIramisu from [unknown] and iT was nice~! We then had a quick screening of the photos and some gorgeous videos that we took during our trip. Through the random small chats, we realized that Christinas boyfriend haS dOne ballrooM dancing for seventeen(?) yEars~!!! Wow… Fen then invited him to crash our choreography sessions to have a taste of 水袖. The next few sessions might be fun~ 🙂

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Ah… The day for my FYP Poster Presentation finally came. It being my first academic poster presentation, I was really lost. From how the poster should look like to how I should conduct the presentation itself. Fortunately, with lots of guidance from my mentor and supervisor, I got all the way through to the actual presentation day itself! So here are the two very important people who helped me so much throughout the FYP. Wow… Couldn’t be here today without them.

Supervisor Mentor

Anyways, ever since I’ve moved onto the Mac platform, I have not prepared much for any presentation. Who needs much preparation when one can just read off the screen? Poster presentation is so different and I needed serious help. Cue text-to-speech capability on the Mac. Here’s the audio version of my script as read by my Mac which I listened to constantly to help me remember what I’m suppose to say for each section of the poster. (Tune in if you are really curious but it’s about 14 minutes long.)

So fortunately I managed to get all the contents into my head. I got my pointer ready and recalled all the pointers that my mentor and supervisor gave on the evening before. Then BOOM… All I could remember was that at the end of the presentation to my examiner (photo below), he said something positive. And that’s it. Cue endorphins. 😀 😀 😀


I believe the photo below was taken after all the final year students in my lab finished our poster presentations. Could you see the glow on our faces? All you need is the sense of relief; no SK-II needed.

FYP Students with Supervisor

More photos to go…

Unbound Thesis Submission

This is dedicated to his family and his closest friends, for all their care and understanding in the past few months.

I’m one that’s not very good with words. Or at least not very good at translating my thoughts into words. I believe I’d look back at my acknowledgements one day and wished that I had phrased it better. But hey, I meant what I said and I’m sticking to it.

I’m also a very lousy marathon runner. I usually have good head starts but I’d falter near the end and lose all my momentum. It’s slightly different this time round when I have so many people cheering me on at the last mile. So a very big thank you to ahL and Yixin for the sweets, SMSes, phone calls. They are like places where I can offload my toxic stress levels, or share some exciting (and possibly irrelevant) lab results with.

Then there’s my family too. My family has been really supportive through the whole FYP. Due to my preference to work in the lab during weekends, I’ve been returning home from at least once a week to none in two weeks. My parents even came down to NUS last Saturday evening to bring me fried rice, ginseng soup, fruits… It was the best dinner I’ve ever had in NUS. The thought of hugging my mother before we parted crossed my mind. But I killed that notion as quickly as it came and I rushed back to the lab, feeling recharged.

And I have a great team of lab mates. My supervisor and mentor are the best people that you can work with. Remember how primary/secondary/JC teachers prepare you and helped you with your exams? Personally, it was great working with them and battling the system (PSLE/O/A levels) together. University seemed different. Professors didn’t really seem to be concerned whether you are in sync with them or whether you needed help. That was not the education I wanted from NUS. But my supervisor and mentor are different. They are very patient (in explaining difficult concepts to this block of wood), very nice-tempered (in assisting with my last minute requests), and extremely helpful. I am very confident that no other undergraduates ever receive an SMS at 1130pm offering to improve their thesis that is due the next day.

With all the blessings, I crossed the finish line and might even had sprinted the last 100m. Amazingly, I managed to fill up 29 pages of the maximum 30 pages for my thesis even with my private limited language skills. Wow… This is my first time in NUS that I enjoyed academic work.

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LNY 2009

Just realized that many other Korean and Vietnamese friends celebrate the new year and therefore I shall no longer call this festival CNY. Ho ho ho~

Happy Lunar New Year~!

Left school around 2pm on new year’s eve after feeding my cells and feeding myself. My mother reminded me N times previously to be home by 5pm because she wants to start the reunion dinner at 5pm. This has been our family practice for years. (Not just my family… This extends to all my maternal families…) And we have dinner this early every year so that all of us can sit and relax and watch the 春年节目 right around when it starts on TV.

Mum’s cooking was as good as usual. Good food equals to no inclination to take camera out and take photos. So no food pictures for you all. Wahaha…

Onto 春年节目, the programmes on Mediacorp Channel 8 was as lame as usual. I tried watching to embrace the idea of doing things as a family. But the digital and dubbed “singing” and lame comedies left such a strong bad taste in my mouth that I ended up watching The Daily Show. I wasn’t the only one anyways. My father watched some other movie on Channel 5 which I joined in later. And my sister was on Facebook.

Boom~! 初一 arrived. Photo taking before we left for grandma’s house… which is just across the road. Haha…

(Yar… It’s that pink t-shirt again. I was so busy this year that I have no time to buy new year clothes. Even though I had $80 of Takashimaya voucher, the men’s selections were so limited that my two attempt to buy new year clothes failed.)

Nothing much happened at grandma’s house, the main interchange where all her sons and daughters congregate. My cousins were watching second season of Heroes. My father and sister were confused by the number of characters that had special powers. My mother was talking to my grandma about my persistent cough. And I coughed a lot. Still.

Alright~! End of family visits, onto friend visits. And movie watching. Which ended up mirroring what we did exactly one lunar year ago…

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GAH~! I am doing anything and everything but studying for my EE module finals. The module is really irritating. Grr~ Well… I shall post some random photos. Hur hur~

Part of my routine every semester during the exams season is to offer snacks and food to the exams gods as part of my attempt to 抱佛脚. No… I’m just kidding. Ah… Thanks to all that contributed to my collection~! Whoo~! Been wanting to take a photo of them all before I start munching on them. But have been too lazy to lay them out nicely. Haha… But finally~! Here they are. My sincere thanks goes to someone, some club, some union and some hall. 🙂

Next, a quick catch up with gatherings the past few months.

This was taking during the post performance celebrations. Notice that some of out faces are red. Hur hur~ Celebratory mood need celebratory drinks mah~ Kinda regret that I blocked Sister! I didn’t mean to do that! This photo will go down in history as a good example of the drawbacks of having a “big head”.

This was taken during a group project meeting for my New Media module. I kind of enjoyed it. Too bad this major wasn’t available when I am matriculating into NUS. Then again, I wonder what is the probability that I’d take this as a major despite my interest in technology and design. Hmm…

Meiyan’s solemnization ceremony~!!! This is a day to remember. Finally got to see all the dancers whom I’ve not met up after the post performance celebrations. I love the 证婚人 (could someone please educate me the English name?). Whatever he said during the ceremony made so much sense. And he communicated in a light and humorous manner. I could listen to him the whole day! Meiyan was beautiful of course. And for that, this event gets to display another photo. 🙂

Lastly, my iPhone baby delivery was accompanied by ahL and Yixin who immediately became the god-father and -mother of my baby. Hur hur~ We had lunch at [forgot what the name is] where we had chicken pie, black pepper chicken pie and sheperd’s pie. Yes… It was a pie day. Anyways, this is a photo of us all, with the baby still connected to my wife via the umbilical cord. 🙂

I don’t know why I look so chui that day. Must had been too excited about the delivery that morning to dress up.

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