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张惠妹 ─ 《掉了》

Favorite song from Zhang Hui Mei/A-Mit’s latest album A-Mit~

作词∶吴青峰 作曲∶吴青峰



瞳孔没有颜色 结了冰的长河

故事情节掉了 主角对白掉了
胸口没有快乐 断了翅的白鸽

曾经唱过的歌 分享过的笑声
想念不能承认 偷偷擦去泪痕

Fight or Flight

This fundamental physiologic response forms the foundation of modern day stress medicine. The “fight or flight response” is our body’s primitive, automatic, inborn response that prepares the body to “fight” or “flee” from perceived attack, harm or threat to our survival.

Time to take flight after putting up a good fight. Pressing the reset button. Trying to get into the glowy, I’m-in-peace-with-the-world mode when I was in Canada. Will be back on Monday morning. Continue reading


Woke up this morning feeling a little frustrated and sad. My heart was thumping very hard too, as if I was faced with some serious life challenges…

Then I remembered. My cultures got contaminated/infected yesterday.

I only meant to renew the cell culture medium (i.e. replenish food supply for the cells) yesterday. But when I took the 6-well plate, I observed that  the culture in 1 out of 4 wells was cloudy. Putting that well under the microscope, I saw fluffy balls of “things” suspended in the medium. Then I realized: my culture got contaminated.

No help was around to advice me on what to do. I texted my mentor for advice. For the first time in a long while, I had “Help~” in the SMS. I was truly helpless at that point.

Fast forward a few hours later, an email came in. My FYP professor advised on how I should handle the contaminated sample and how I should treat the other non-contaminated samples too. Back in the lab, the handling procedure was like I had 4 children, with one of them down with a serious, infectious disease. First, treat the infected child. Flood him with antibiotics to kill off all the bacteria that he is surrounded with. Next, soak him in a tub of warm water to prevent any bacteria from drying off his body and propagate to other samples on any draft of breeze. Then ignore him and put your full attention on the uninfected children. They might look visually uninfected, but one should take the cautionary precautions to prevent any future full blown infections. First, bring them over to a new house (6-well plate). Give each of them a bath, flood them with antibiotics, and bathe them down again. Then, feed them with comfort food and place them in the most comfy environment for them to rest. Lastly, pray for the best that the infection is cleared from all your children, and that they weren’t hurt by the side effects of the antibiotics.

Walking out of the clean room, my FYP professor happened to be in the lab too.

“How are your cells?”
“They are hospitalized.”
“At the ICU? They should be alright.”
“Yeah… If the contamination does not return…”
“It’s not so bad yet. Not all of your samples were contaminated…”
[Smiles weakly…]

I find it so ironic that just a few hours ago, in the morning, my FYP professor was just asking about my cell cultures. I hadn’t have the chance to observe them yet and said “They should be okay…” based on my observations 2 days ago.

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今天又在电脑室与电子工程科目的概念和方程式挣扎着… 还是屡战屡败… 气象局预测来临几天将会持续刮风暴雨。 这必定会持续至星期二考完电子工程科目之后,天气才有可能转晴。

大家请格外小心。 Continue reading

nzj’s University Musical

The emptiness in me had me seeking to have it filled. Since I was in quite a state of desperation, I caught High School Musical 3: Senior Year in the cinemas. I had not much expectations from the preview of the soundtrack, but I still paid the eight dollars.

Whoa~ I didn’t expect it to remind me of the dilemmas I face everyday.

Can I Have This Dance

by Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens

Update 29th October 2008: Added portion of the movie; broadcasted during Dancing with the Stars (and therefore the applause at the end of the video clip). My favorite moments are right below the clip:

0:57 – Gabriella seems very light~! And I like the way she arches upwards.
0:59 – Same lift as 0:57. Light and effortless as always. And I think she pointed her feet~!
1:19 – Uh oh… Troy looked downwards to make sure that he doesn’t fall…
1:20 – See! He does that again…
1:33 – Whoa~! That’s quite a drop. And she is on heels~!
1:57 – I liked the way they spin round and Gabriella just rests her weight on on foot.
2:18 – Whoo~
2:38 – I wonder how they can accelerate the spin and yet make it seem so smooth…

Okay… Not bad… 🙂 The choreography definitely made the soundtrack more promising. End of update insert.

High School Musical being a musical, had quite a bit of dancing and pa de deux. (The song above is played when Troy and Gabriella waltzed on the rooftop garden.) That made me miss dance so much. I’ve basically dropped all dance activities after Dance Reflections 2008. No more TAT, no more dance rehearsals, and am no longer attending technique class. SIGH~ And I miss being part of a production, being in sync with the dancers on stage, and the burst of endorphin at the end of each performance.


Whilst the high school seniors are deciding which college to go to after their graduation, I am constantly reminded of which job I should take up after the graduation I have myself. And the reminders come in everyday… Suddenly I am extremely confused of what career path I should take. Bioengineering? Design? IT? Systems integration? Bioimaging? Apple/Google? Going from Primary school to university had been easy: just choose the best place available. Things are so different from here on… Worse still, I have totally no motivation to attend career talks/exhibitions, not to mention searching for jobs on the papers. I know I should be doing these, given the economic downturn and thus the increased difficulty to get a job, but I seriously have no motivation.

How to end this university musical of my own… Haiz…

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