Mauritius Trip Report

Okay… I’ve been a little busy and have been reaching home feeling too tired to type anything thoughtful. So here is something for you all to read (to the length of 46 pages long). Jump straight through all the administrative descriptions and read our daily reflections from page 16 onwards~!

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President’s Star Charity Show

Had lentils soup cooked by the high class Laval before we rushed down to MediaCorp for President’s Star Charity show! Fen is a co-choreographer and four of us got to watch the performance LIVE~!


I shall leave all the negative comments about various MediaCorp artistes to myself, but Fen’s item, choreographed by Derrek, was quite well done! Fen was an expert in 抢镜头. He was faking some warm up in the background when the Michelle was interviewing the artistes at the backstage. The four of us at the audience seat couldn’t stop laughing when we saw that telecasted on the projection screen. And apparently the camera man loved him too. I believe he got 5-10 seconds of on screen time when he was the central focus during the performance. Hur hur~ Oh, Yeelian was one of the O School dancers doing the Michael Jackson repertoire and she looked great too. 心机没有那么重,但她跳得很有架势。:)


The dancers and the six of us (including Yuki and her husband-to-be) went to the post performance reception. It was my first time being so close to celebrities: Michelle (who remained beautiful even up close and had the practice of mumbling her scripts several times before she appeared on screen), Gurmit (who could dance surprisingly well), Kim Kym (who is really small and was really friendly to her fans), Nat Ho (who was very soft spoken)… Hur hur~ Saw many youngsters walked to the artistes to request for a photo to be taken with them. 有点心痒痒,但还是跟艺人有点距离感会比较好。哈哈哈…

Random events: 钟情 钟琴 walked past us and said “Hello” in a very soft and cute voice; someone patted Laval’s back and said “Well done!” Also observed that Patricia Mok was pulling Nat Ho everywhere. I would have had some snide remarks about that, but having saw her putting in so much energy into the performance (unlike J*d* S**h who had blank looks on her face from time to time), I thought she could have some fun with him after all.

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I committed a horrible error on 20th September. The thought I had back then was if only I had kept in touch with you more often, then most probably you’d be able to sound out the alarm much earlier since you usually know my schedule much better than myself. However, the fact is I’ve been burying myself in many other stuffs but not been updating you. Therefore the clash in personal life and “work” came without me noticing, and I chose work. You’ve expressed your anger and disappointments. I kept my silence because I knew I was in the wrong (and I was stuck in a Catch-22).


It was amazing (to me) how quickly we discussed about the elephant in the room, killed it, and moved on to other topics. Not many other people could get me converse and explain my thoughts as easily as you. Especially when it comes to admitting my mistakes, or explaining my dilemma. I even had the guts to comment how you made things about you even though you were not the protagonist of the event.


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Flight to Mauritius

Here are some thoughts that ran through my mind as I looked at all those photos taken on the day that we flew to Mauritius.

    Mauritius Day 00

I think it was quite hardcore of us for all the dancers who went down for the Dance Reflections 2009 combined preview and danced  just three hours before our flight. That was some true professionalism and our dedication~!

Mauritius Day 00

I slept throughout the flight to Kuala Lumpur. Didn’t even know that our flight was stuck in queue at Changi Airport for take off for an hour and even made a random loop in its flight.

Mauritius Day 00

First proper meal that I took for the day was the in-flight meal provided by Air Mauritius when we were flying from KL to Mauritius. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast and only ate some snacks that Kit bought at KL International Airport. The meal was abysmal. :S The lump of fish was tougher and dryer than overcooked chicken breast. Imagine that. Then again, I shouldn’t expect too much from Air Mauritius, should I?

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Mauritius Trip

Cover A3


This trip started off just as a mini-project when everything seemed rather uncertain. Then it became more and more painful as the admin work piled up (including the cover page of the programme booklet you see up there). So much so that I was very much drained by the time I was on the flight. Then excitement and nervousness came as we saw profiles of ourselves published in the center fold of a local newspaper.

Content 00 Content 01 Content


Threw all my concerns away and just focused on dancing and having fun. And I got much more than that. I got to know so many more people better; Talked to some of the dancers more in the seven days than the total amount accumulated since I first met them. And there was quite an amazing good mix of “chakras” — Minimal friction and maximum chemistry. It didn’t matter that we were seeing each other almost everyday before and during the trip.


Guess that’s quite a good indication of how we enjoyed each other’s presence. 🙂


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Mr. Broken Mandarin

Hey all! This is your friendly and funny Fen guest blogging on NZJ space! Woo!

First i have to say that Nzj was deeply affected (Editor/nzj: Where got~!?) that the first show was cancelled! we still hung around for quite a bit even after they said “yi jing qu xiao le” several times… We both left disappointed but i suddenly remembered that our flight was late in the afternoon and after consulting with Nzj for a bit we managed to confirm that our flight was indeed in the afternoon and we could still catch the 10am show on the following day! Yays!

The plan was to rush down by cab by 930am, watch the show which starts at 10am till abt hopefully 11.30am then rush back by cab to the apartment get our luggage and rush to the aiport by 12.30pm to catch our plane at 1.30pm!

So to comment on this event, my main contribution was to get me, nzj and my aunt (who currently resides in Spain) to get into the performance venue! which i did! Mwahahaha!

We got there abt 30mins before the performance was set to start but there was a huge group of dance students crowding around the door already! As i peeked in, saw that most of the seats were taken except for the first two rows. There was a lady at the door who seemed to be the one in charge of the performance and she was telling the students to let the teachers in first… all said in chinese and too fast for me to understand so Nzj promptly translated to me.

After a quick consultation with Nzj, we decided that i will use my very proficient english and “very good” mandarin to help us get in! So i started questioning the girls at the door in english, getting them confused and getting their eyeballs big…then i started to talk to the lady in charge also. She didn’t understand me at all and ignored me! Urghs! And still said to let the teachers in first.

So i changed tactic and started speaking my “very good” mandarin to her! “Err dui bu qi wo men shi mao li qiu si, xi ban ya he xin jia bo lai de, xiang kan ni men de yan chu, shang ci lai le ke shi mei you biao yan! suo yi wo men jin tian you xia lai le, wo men ke yi jin qu kan ma?” She looked super stunned and started murmuring to herself, then she started saying, still murmuring “na wo ying gai rang ni men xian jin qu ba”! YES! Victory! Mwahahaha! And true enough we were let in before all the young punks outside the door and led to the VIP seats! Hoo Hoo!

Oh forgot to say in between she mistook my aunt for one of the teachers there! haha! Maybe we all looked too hip and happening among them! haha.. So then we got very good seats to enjoy the perf! the only perks we didn’t get to enjoy was the free mineral water offered to the teachers in front…damnz….

During the performance i keep looking at the time scared that they will overrun and we will miss our flight! I keep mumbling that they should hurry up and get the exercises done with and proceed on with the dance items!!! All the while i will mumble, Nzj will give me dirty looks…Yucks! (nzj: ???!!! What dirty looks?!) Totally in no hurry to catch the plane… Fortunately the solos were quite short and i could enjoy the rest of the performance in peace.

Anyway enjoy the short clips that we managed to illegally video down!

Fen 🙂

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Posts of my trip will be location-/venue-based rather than the usual chronological order. This allows me to collate activities spanned across several days and list the most exciting/happening ones on top. Just like this one below.

As a Chinese Dance dancer, one must visit 北京舞蹈学院 a.k.a. Beijing Dance Academy if one is in Beijing. Otherwise the trip will be totally wasted. Mothership of Chinese Dance that produced all the Ding Hongs and Zhou Leis lei~!

So Fen and myself went down excitedly to the academy, and we saw this poster…

Wow… Graduation exhibition for dancers who took the performance profession in the classical dance faculty?! This is a performance not to be missed~!!! (Especially after our failed attempts to search for dance performances in both Shanghai and Beijing.) There were two performance timings. We went down to the first one only to be told that the performance was cancelled due to the absence of the pianist. We went down again at 10am for the second run (which happened to be our flight day too) only to find out that the venue was already full.

Cue Fen’s broken Mandarin (more on this in a separate guest post). We, one from Mauritius, one from Singapore and one from Spain, were finally seated on VIP seats.

The exhibition was fantastic. I was very 激动 during the last item, the 特殊技巧组合. I was totally mentally prepared to miss the flight to watch the performance in whole. 原来基本公也可以很好看~

Okay… Here we go. Be prepared for a whole chunk of dance below.


  • This was the opening to the exhibition. And was followed by 舞姿辗转组合.
  • The girl in the front row and has bandage on her left hand is one of the best dancers. Her face emotes constantly, and was nicknamed “emo girl”.

  • This was taken over various sections: 控制、踢腿、旋转、翻身、跳跃。
  • The guy at the front of the triangle right at the beginning of the video is one of the best dancers.
  • 0:18 – When can I ever do this 控腿 and change from 勾脚 to 蹦脚? ;(
  • 0:33 – Aiya~ How can their 控腿 be so high even when they change from 后腿 to 前腿? ;(
  • 0:41 – Looking upwards is one of the new directions that I noticed them doing which I rarely do…
  • 1:25 – Notice them looking upwards again?
  • 2:33 – There was a minor mishap where the dancers’ hands hit. That was the moment when one of the teachers attempted to stop us from filming the exhibition. Erm… Should have more confidence in the standard of her dancers right? That minor accident didn’t affect the standard of the performance lei~
  • 2:57 – It was a long while later when I thought the exhibition was too nice to not record down the moves. And so I activated my camera and resumed video taking… 😀


  • Emo girl’s solo~! It’s a pity that my camera couldn’t capture her facial expressions clearly.
  • 1:50 – Impressive~! But no beauty at all lei~

  • The only thing I remembered about this dance is that the dancer had a different finger expression for each move she had. She was practically dancing with her entire body.

  • Fen captured this video.
  • The most zai male dancer~! Very sharp dancer with extremely good technique and core control. *Drool*
  • 0:57 – SUPERB MOVE~!!!
  • 1:19 –  Did a freeze frame of his front split jump and it looked horribly good. *Jealous*

  • Fen captured this video.
  • 1:06 – He did the superb move too. Just not as superb as the most zai male dancer.


My translation for Fen for this section was “Special Skills Exhibition”. I thought they were going to show some unique skills like maybe the ability of their tongue to touch their elbow. (No… Don’t start trying that now…) Little did I know…

  • 0:34 – This is the second most zai male dancer~
  • 0:54 – Once again, the dancer had different finger expressions for each turn. Quite a huge vocabulary that we seem to be missing…
  • 1:43 – The constantly low spinning move is nice~!
  • 2:26 – The most zai male dancer returns to show off all the variations you can do while doing turns! Whoo~!
  • 2:36 – The guy flipping around the circumference has his hands touching the floor. Quite a unique move~
  • 3:25 – I was really that close to tearing at this moment and my hands were trembling…
  • 3:34 – A very Ding Hong move~

Whoa~ That’s all. It’s a pity that these video is only 30% of the whole exhibition. Must go Beijing Dance Academy and crash any of their class performance ok!!!

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Event One After BJ-SH-HZ-HK Trip

First tHing that we did after we cAme back from our two-week triP was none other than celebrating Mr. Fen’s twenty-eighth birthday. So 巧 that it’s his birthday the very next day and the master mind Ms Yuen had it Planned out the moment our plane touched down. She informed Laval and Christalle to buy a cake (a verY last minute request I think), she requested me be the mole and update her of Fen’s activities in the house, and she even got Laval to ferry her from her place to Fen’s. *Cough* Si BeI bossy… *Cough*

To pRevent The surprise party from losing tHe surprise element, Huizhi actually sneaked into the house (anD then into the toilet to blow balloons) while LAval shooed Fen back into his room and chatted with him about random stuffs, just to keep Fen in the room. Christalle then helped Laval in distracting Fen by trYing to converse about the China trip. So meanwhile, Huizhi was doing the following in the toilet~!

Photobucket Photobucket

Happy birthday~! We’ve got a surprise for you… It’s some

I was trying to suppress my laughter When I received hEr SMS that she was blowing balloons in the toilet and I popped over to help her with one. I realize that its been so long since I’Ve blown a balloon. Hur hur~


Once sufficient balloons werE blown, it was time to quickly decorate the living room with whatever we’ve Got. All the while with Mr. Fen “entertained” by Christalle.


Once all the preparations were done, Fen was invited ouT of the room and out there wAs everyone there to celebrate his birthday. Heh~ Oh, and it happened that May 28th was ChriStina’s birthday (she’s the German hoUsemate by the way). So we 顺便 had a belated celebRation for her too. More random Photos below~

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Funny thing was ChRistina’s boyfrIend(?) was there but Fen waS the one who seemed to be cutting a wedding cake with hEr. Hahaha

The cake was a tIramisu from [unknown] and iT was nice~! We then had a quick screening of the photos and some gorgeous videos that we took during our trip. Through the random small chats, we realized that Christinas boyfriend haS dOne ballrooM dancing for seventeen(?) yEars~!!! Wow… Fen then invited him to crash our choreography sessions to have a taste of 水袖. The next few sessions might be fun~ 🙂

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