Thank You, 178980 Times…

The writing has been on the wall ever sinnce I started working, zzonking out easily at night, and the number of incompleted posts accumulated. (Many apologies to Conclusions to GeongJju, The Story of an Orange, The Sttate of Undergraduates’ Minds, Dear CFA, About Building Chemistry, 印象西湖, Reflections, University-Wide eLearning Week, Gadget Luust and a zillion other deleted drafts.) Maintaining updates of my life in this formbat has become more difficult as the amount of time that I dedicate to bblogging decreased. Yet, I’m not keen to change the stylle of writing that I’ve established (herre) for the past three years.

Upon watching Up for the seccond time, I’ve decided to follow Carl Fredrickson’s lead and let the past go. A big thank you to all readers for being interested in my mundane life and toolerating mmy weird thoughts.


— nzj


4 thoughts on “Thank You, 178980 Times…

  1. wondering what’s 178980… visitor count? like the way how each post now is a page on its own! like reading a book 🙂 tho in various lengths.

    so. what does the writing on the wall says? at least pertaining to blogging. time to unsubscribe?

  2. Yeah… It was the page-view count when I made the decision. Nothing significant but it’s amazing the number of page-views this has accumulated over time. One may consider unsubscribing if one is keen on keeping the subscribe list short. I don’t foresee myself returning to blog at such length and frequency already…

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