Busy Work Week

Had been rather bogged down with major work stuffs this week. Time flew by so quickly and here I am at the end of the week already. Another work-day tomorrow. Hur hur~ Did scanning electron microscopy on Monday and Tuesday with no nice results. Just look at the mess… I was suppose to get a very regular matrix of 200nm pillars. I wonder if I should be glad about it or not. Having no good results from SEM meant that I would have more time to slack to prepare for my experiments. But that also means that I’d have little stuffs to present to the lab when I am updating them on the progress of my project(s). Oh well… Got to try and try again. Next SEM session is booked for this coming Tuesday.

200nm X01_005

Performed some super long (and tedious) experiment on Wednesday until late night. I was playing some games on my iPhone in between the incubation periods when my boss walked into the lab. She said I looked surprised to see her. Actually it was more of embarrassed to be seen playing games. Hur hur~ Didn’t get any nice pictures from this set of experiment too. I got fragmented pieces of cell sheet instead of a continuous one. Didn’t like them at all… Yucks.

cos7_3 3um slide1 40x 01

I hate Thursday mornings. It’s either lab meeting or journal club from 9.30 a.m. I fear the latter more because that usually mean that I have to spend lots of time digesting dense papers like “Lamellipodial Actin Mechanically Links Myosin Activity with Adhesion-Site Formation” and “Induction of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Dopamine-Producing Cells with Different Differentiation Protocols” Was scrambling after the journal club to compile all the results for a one-to-one meeting with my boss to update her of my progress. I think it went not too bad… And my boss recommended me to consider taking up part time Master’s degree since the cost would be waived for all staffs. Sounds extremely attractive… (But looks like I’ve missed the deadline for the Jan 2010 intake already. :S)

Friday was a crazy day. I planned to end my day in the office on time but came in a SMS announcing that a corna graft was available for collection at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Why must cornea tissues come in on Fridays?! Having one coming in means that we have to spend hours to process the tissue before the tissue go bad. The good news was that my FYP student would be performing the cell isolation from the tissue; and the bad news was my FYP student would be performing the isolation. I knew how stressful and disorienting it would be to attempt to isolate the cells for the first time. On top of that, my FYP student’s cell type is more difficult to isolate than mine. So I tried my best to help her in the initial preparation and guide her as much as possible. Then came Saturday when I continued with the processing of the cornea tissue for my own experiments. My FYP student came in too to take a look at her isolated cells. They didn’t look good… Yikes~ She left and I watched Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Bleach and Naruto while I processed the tissue. Thank god for piracy~

Sunday was spent working on the lab website which my boss had been asking for weeks. I had been working on the website in my head; I just needed some time to translate the design into an actual site. She needed a very basic version rushed out first and therefore I did what I could do in one Sunday. Now that I look at the screenshot of the site, I think it looked oddly similar to something I’ve done before… Oops…


Well, good news is she came back with “That’s very nice!  =)“, “I really like the design” and “It’s definitely a great start!” Ho, ho, ho… *Pats myself on the back* Did I mention that I’d be paid for designing and maintaining website?! 🙂


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