Mauritius Trip

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This trip started off just as a mini-project when everything seemed rather uncertain. Then it became more and more painful as the admin work piled up (including the cover page of the programme booklet you see up there). So much so that I was very much drained by the time I was on the flight. Then excitement and nervousness came as we saw profiles of ourselves published in the center fold of a local newspaper.

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Threw all my concerns away and just focused on dancing and having fun. And I got much more than that. I got to know so many more people better; Talked to some of the dancers more in the seven days than the total amount accumulated since I first met them. And there was quite an amazing good mix of “chakras” — Minimal friction and maximum chemistry. It didn’t matter that we were seeing each other almost everyday before and during the trip.


Guess that’s quite a good indication of how we enjoyed each other’s presence. 🙂



Very happy to be travelling with several people with an eye for photography~! I’m one who strongly believes in using good photographs to help recall great moments during a trip. There were several “pro-looking” cameras around. These include ZY’s Nikon D40, WD’s Canon PowerShot SX1 IS and HZ’s Panasonic DMC-LX3. A pity that someone didn’t bring the battery charger for a severn-day long trip. YY’s Panasonic DMC-FX38 seemed like a great point and shoot camera too — good burst rates and can capture photos under poor lighting condition fairly nicely. Okay… Time to showcase the best photos taken from the cameras.

ZY’s Nikon D40


FYI, that smiling old man was really chocking me at that moment. HZ happened to be playing around with ZY’s camera and she managed to capture this shot.  Very rich color and has a depth of feel. Hmm~

WD’s Canon PowerShot SX1 IS


This was a much posy shot as compared to the one above. But by framing me in between the trunks/branches made me looked really long. Yeah~! Thanks to WD…

HZ’s Panasonic DMC-LX3


Taken by yours truly. Ho ho ho~ Loved the 晚霞 and the reflections. If only the background is less noisy…

YY’s Panasonic DMC-FX38


This was one of the best point and shoot camera that we had in the group. Would have tired ourselves out trying to capture our jumps if the camera didn’t had a burst mode that captured successive photos fast enough. YY surprised us with another of the camera’s feature during our last day in Mauritius — silhouette mode. And with that we took N photos at the beach, against a fantastic sunset backdrop. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mauritius Trip

  1. U know when i said what i miss most about Mauritius is the group of ppl, it’s indeed not diplomatic… Actually if using Chinese i wouldn’t say such words at all, coz a bit rou4 ma2 rite… Eh, btw i know how tedious the admin work might be. Used to be at the “organizer”‘s role in my undergrad years, for quite a long time. Had to sacrifice sleep, skip classes, and deal with all kinds of probs/faces as well. Then i was just tired and wanted to try sth new, so when coming to SG, i told myself i would just focus on study (finally) and enjoy pure dance only. A few achievements were made, and at the same time, my life became increasingly boring (yup u saw my sleepy face). Thx to the trip, thx to u guys, life was apparently lighten up a bit. At least I won’t miss my old crazy days/friends in BJ so hard at this moment.

  2. Haha~! I indeed do remember the sleepy face of yours every morning when we were having breakfast at Casa Florida. Then again, you were working till late night at the hotel~! So hardworking~!!!

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