Cranky Old Man

I think I am getting more and more cranky as I become older. I’ve so many things that I can complain about nowadays. Time to compile lists. Today’s edition is about Singapore’s transportation system:

  • SMRT officer fines a lady $30 for eating sweets on the train. I believe somebody does not understand the rationale behind the ban on not eating in stations and trains. Of course, nothing is wrong by doing his work, but sometimes, some intelligence might be helpful.
    • By the way, Mr Roger Foo, Station Master of Yishun, said “If everyone were to say they have to take sweets because they are thirsty or giddy, where are we going to draw a line?” That was just much information. Not that I agree with you giving that lady a summon, but you should just say that she could appeal to LTA if she did not agree with the summon and leave. You earn no extra bonus for being a bastard doing your job blindly you know.
    • Lo and behold~! Earlier on (2:42 onwards), Roger could draw a line~!!! (for a lady who was drinking water for her medication)
    • 500 enforcement officers? Why not employ 1 ISE engineer and try improving the congestion commuters face even during off-peak hours?
  • Don’t understand why some commuters can stand on the right side of the elevator and jam up the whole length behind him/her.
    • Been wanting to print some name card size reminders to raise the awareness of the inconvenience that person has caused. But this is on my super low priority list of social experiments.
    • Hong Kong and Beijing didn’t have such problem.
  • Don’t like people who refuse to move to the back of the bus or in the middle portion of the train.
    • I’d suggest that you give yourself more breathing room by moving to the back of the bus or the middle portion of the train once you board either congested vehicle. Might need some squeezing, but nobody can fault you for doing the right thing.
  • People who have loud ringtones or likes to share their music taste with the world by playing their music collection loud are why handphone manufacturers should not add loud speakers to their phones.
    • This is not allowed in Canada. At least the playing music loudly part.
  • Smokers who think they are smart in smoking right next to the bus stops are just inconsiderate and selfish brats who wants the world to die with them.
    • We should further increase the smoke-free area and ban smoking at a 5 meter distance away from any smoke-free area. Such is implemented in Canada where no one is to smoke at a specific distance from the entrance of a building.

I would definitely laugh my head off if the first news happened in other countries. Feel so ashamed that we have such mindless things happening… Food for thought: Beijing and Shanghai have no such implementation, and don’t even have signs for no drinking and eating. Yet, their stations and trains are really clean. Is this a sign that they citizens are cultured enough already, or are there a huge team of cleaners on standby to clean up everybody’s mess? I personally vote for the former.

The Olympic event really improved the country a whole lot.


7 thoughts on “Cranky Old Man

  1. about loud ringtones…in Japan, mobile phones are to be placed on silent mode when in public places and one is not advised not to chat on the phone in trains/buses in order not to disturb the others around you.
    And commuters who are not part eg. sick, elderly and pregnant, do not sit in the reserved seats.
    talk about civic consciousness. 🙂

  2. I believe most Singaporeans are quite conscious about not sitting on reserved seats in public transports since we all are quite 爱面子 (want to “save face”).

    I’m wondering if we face other problems because the syllabus of civic moral classes is not being updated to include modern things such as ringtones/speaker playback. Hmm…

  3. ah i’m sure that whilst they are on a reserved seat, they are conscious but are only too sleepy to see someone belonging to elderly, handicapped and pregnant stepping in.

    it is a joke and it is pathetic if we need to be formally taught these subjects in school aka during civic moral classes.

  4. But we were taught basic courtesy stuffs during our primary school lesson mah~ Like 节俭的美德,儒家思想~ Education can shape the minds of our youngs before they pick up all the lousy habits from the inconsiderate adults.

  5. true…after seeing adults lead by bad examples, they will definitely end up being corrupted. but i guess my point is what are their parents doing at home with them if they rely on schools to be doing the teaching of moral values? parents “bo cho kang” these days and push their children’s education to the school/teachers. it’s pathetic. sigh.

  6. Not only that. Some other parents even complain to the school or MOE when teachers are disciplining their children. Teaching has also become pathetic with the teachers’ loss of “power”.

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