What did we do to our first Asian Youth Games?

At least from the design point of view. Been watching Mediacorp’s broadcast of the Games and I can’t help but shout out in pain everytime I see the AYG broadcasts. First the official games logo:

Very uninspiring~ Very unrepresentative of Singapore except for the stars. And I don’t understand the brush stroke effect that they apply to the blue star and the green ball. Complicates the logo further and the effect does not translate well when the logo scales down to smaller sizes. And the official text didn’t explain the significance of the red sun and the green ball. Queer~ Alrighty, here’s the official text from the organizer:

The highly vibrant and energised star symbol is a unique combination of two overlapping and complimentary starbursts. This visual closeness of two stars that merge into one reflects the strong ties that have bonded over the years amongst the Asian countries for this international sporting event.

The star also symbolises the excellence each participating sportsman and sportswoman brings, and we salute their sportsmanship with a blue-green athlete embedded within the star symbol. A synergy of dynamic colour palette highlights the diverse participating Asian nations that come together in celebration of youth, sports and friendship.

Next is the mascot, Frasia.

The mascot looks rather decent in drawing but does not translate well into the real life form. It looks hideous~ His golden mane had a great reduction in fluff and volume. One other complain that I have about the mascot is that it has no visual relation to the games logo other than the logo on the t-shirt that it is wearing.

Moving on, the games icons…

Once again, the game icon designs have nothing in relation to the games logo. And what’s with using a sail boat to represent sailing? No consistency at all… Oh, and football looked like athletics. And diving looked like gymnastics. Yeah, you get my drift~

Am a little worried about the standard of the games and how the first Youth Olympics will turn out. Here’s hoping that the organizers learn and document down the lessons they’ve learnt and improve the standards of the games.

One more thing… Frasia has a few signature pose~! One that I could not understand is the one below which is suppose to represent “Excellence”.

Frasia dances and raises both arms, and flashes a victory hand sign in the spirit of true sportsman excellence.


3 thoughts on “What did we do to our first Asian Youth Games?

  1. hahahahahahha i didnt notice all these details earlier… well they are quite amusing and make me cringe at e same time. “Excellent!”

  2. yar, i happen to watch the encore telecast of the opening at channel 5.. the quality of the video shooting is very bad, it looks like it was taken by the general public using handy cam. horrible!!

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