Mr. Broken Mandarin

Hey all! This is your friendly and funny Fen guest blogging on NZJ space! Woo!

First i have to say that Nzj was deeply affected (Editor/nzj: Where got~!?) that the first show was cancelled! we still hung around for quite a bit even after they said “yi jing qu xiao le” several times… We both left disappointed but i suddenly remembered that our flight was late in the afternoon and after consulting with Nzj for a bit we managed to confirm that our flight was indeed in the afternoon and we could still catch the 10am show on the following day! Yays!

The plan was to rush down by cab by 930am, watch the show which starts at 10am till abt hopefully 11.30am then rush back by cab to the apartment get our luggage and rush to the aiport by 12.30pm to catch our plane at 1.30pm!

So to comment on this event, my main contribution was to get me, nzj and my aunt (who currently resides in Spain) to get into the performance venue! which i did! Mwahahaha!

We got there abt 30mins before the performance was set to start but there was a huge group of dance students crowding around the door already! As i peeked in, saw that most of the seats were taken except for the first two rows. There was a lady at the door who seemed to be the one in charge of the performance and she was telling the students to let the teachers in first… all said in chinese and too fast for me to understand so Nzj promptly translated to me.

After a quick consultation with Nzj, we decided that i will use my very proficient english and “very good” mandarin to help us get in! So i started questioning the girls at the door in english, getting them confused and getting their eyeballs big…then i started to talk to the lady in charge also. She didn’t understand me at all and ignored me! Urghs! And still said to let the teachers in first.

So i changed tactic and started speaking my “very good” mandarin to her! “Err dui bu qi wo men shi mao li qiu si, xi ban ya he xin jia bo lai de, xiang kan ni men de yan chu, shang ci lai le ke shi mei you biao yan! suo yi wo men jin tian you xia lai le, wo men ke yi jin qu kan ma?” She looked super stunned and started murmuring to herself, then she started saying, still murmuring “na wo ying gai rang ni men xian jin qu ba”! YES! Victory! Mwahahaha! And true enough we were let in before all the young punks outside the door and led to the VIP seats! Hoo Hoo!

Oh forgot to say in between she mistook my aunt for one of the teachers there! haha! Maybe we all looked too hip and happening among them! haha.. So then we got very good seats to enjoy the perf! the only perks we didn’t get to enjoy was the free mineral water offered to the teachers in front…damnz….

During the performance i keep looking at the time scared that they will overrun and we will miss our flight! I keep mumbling that they should hurry up and get the exercises done with and proceed on with the dance items!!! All the while i will mumble, Nzj will give me dirty looks…Yucks! (nzj: ???!!! What dirty looks?!) Totally in no hurry to catch the plane… Fortunately the solos were quite short and i could enjoy the rest of the performance in peace.

Anyway enjoy the short clips that we managed to illegally video down!

Fen 🙂

Editors’ Words

Well… We did eventually reach the airport on time… Fortunately we checked in online on the night before (using the CMI internet access in my Beijing accommodation) and we only need to reach the airport one hour before our flight took off. We rushed to the airport and reached the check in counter five minutes before the end of the stipulated timing. *Phew* Fen’s sister and her boyfriend was there with us to make sure that we were off to Hong Kong for good. (That’s what she said~)

Then after some fake-ly cold goodbyes between the siblings and photo taking, we were off to Hong Kong — the land of super nice baked rice. 🙂


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