Event One After BJ-SH-HZ-HK Trip

First tHing that we did after we cAme back from our two-week triP was none other than celebrating Mr. Fen’s twenty-eighth birthday. So 巧 that it’s his birthday the very next day and the master mind Ms Yuen had it Planned out the moment our plane touched down. She informed Laval and Christalle to buy a cake (a verY last minute request I think), she requested me be the mole and update her of Fen’s activities in the house, and she even got Laval to ferry her from her place to Fen’s. *Cough* Si BeI bossy… *Cough*

To pRevent The surprise party from losing tHe surprise element, Huizhi actually sneaked into the house (anD then into the toilet to blow balloons) while LAval shooed Fen back into his room and chatted with him about random stuffs, just to keep Fen in the room. Christalle then helped Laval in distracting Fen by trYing to converse about the China trip. So meanwhile, Huizhi was doing the following in the toilet~!

Photobucket Photobucket

Happy birthday~! We’ve got a surprise for you… It’s some

I was trying to suppress my laughter When I received hEr SMS that she was blowing balloons in the toilet and I popped over to help her with one. I realize that its been so long since I’Ve blown a balloon. Hur hur~


Once sufficient balloons werE blown, it was time to quickly decorate the living room with whatever we’ve Got. All the while with Mr. Fen “entertained” by Christalle.


Once all the preparations were done, Fen was invited ouT of the room and out there wAs everyone there to celebrate his birthday. Heh~ Oh, and it happened that May 28th was ChriStina’s birthday (she’s the German hoUsemate by the way). So we 顺便 had a belated celebRation for her too. More random Photos below~

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Funny thing was ChRistina’s boyfrIend(?) was there but Fen waS the one who seemed to be cutting a wedding cake with hEr. Hahaha

The cake was a tIramisu from [unknown] and iT was nice~! We then had a quick screening of the photos and some gorgeous videos that we took during our trip. Through the random small chats, we realized that Christinas boyfriend haS dOne ballrooM dancing for seventeen(?) yEars~!!! Wow… Fen then invited him to crash our choreography sessions to have a taste of 水袖. The next few sessions might be fun~ 🙂

Read on… Note: Protected link ahead~

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