Summer Entertainment, Weekly

Quite surprised that I have been watching a movie  per week on average. Reminds me of the perfect summer movie season I had last year in Canada when I caught a movie almost every Tuesday which had tickets at only $4CAD. Here’s the full cast of movies that I’ve watched or intend to watch (click each poster to check out the trailer):

X-Men Star Trek Angels & Demons Terminator Salvation
Up Transformers 2 Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince District 9

Yikes… This is quite a huge movie count when I line them up together. I’ve cleared the first three… Best so far is Star Trek hands down. Anyone game to watch the remaining six movies with me?

I realize that I’m very particular when watching movies. Here are my stringent requirements:

  • Preferred movie theatre: The Grand Cathay at The Cathay. This has the best theatre seating arrangement where you’d get quite a good viewing angle at almost every row. This theatre has one of the biggest screens in Singapore too.
  • Watching at The Cathay, or any other Cathay cineplexes, has other perks: $6 movie tickets on weekedays for UOB card holders. Payments by NETS from Monday to Thursday get $6 movies too.
  • Perfect seats are right in the middle of each rows. It’s recommended to get rows that are approximately 1/3 to 1/4 depth from the back most row. This should position you at approximately the same height as the middle of the screen.
  • I’d always try to watch the Digital release. Sensitive movie goers may notice alphanumeric words appearing on-screen in some movies. These are for anti-piracy measures but they distract me nevertheless. Digital releases also get crisper Chinese subtitles in nicer font. And no film grains too.
  • When there is an option to watch the movie in 3D, such as Up, I’d definitely watch it in that format. Only catch is there is no discounts for such movies, seating in the middle is absolutely important, and you’d need to ignore the slight distraction from putting on the 3D glasses. Otherwise one should be able to enjoy watching the additional depth that the 3D effect gives to the movie.
  • I like sitting through the entire movie, through the credits. It gives me chance to recover from the movie and also look out for details such as the effect houses involved in the effects seen in the movie.

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