FYP Tweets

Someone was bored at work and combed through my tweets. And here’s my entire FYP journey, each milestone described with 140 characters or less. Enjoy~!*

  • 2:06 PM Aug 24th, 2008: FYP + school work + dance work = so much stress that I did not get good rest last night. 😦 I yearn so much to get back to hall life…
  • 4:39 PM Sep 26th, 2008: Went for my first trip to collect human cornea graft from NUH. The trip with me lab senior was so stressed. I seem to be asking stupid qns..
  • 10:24 PM Sep 26th, 2008: 9:04pm. This is a new record set for the latest time I leave my lab. Hur hur~ I hope the cells that I’ve isolated today will 快高长大,子孙满堂. Haha..
  • 5:09 PM Sep 29th, 2008: My L929 practice cells had a near death experience after I left them alone for FIVE DAYS. I hope I did passaging for them in time. :S
  • 10:04 AM Oct 1st, 2008: Reject yet another attractive offer… For an experience of my lifetime. Hope I’m doing the right thing for myself and my FYP. Grr~
  • 8:04 PM Oct 1st, 2008: And so my L929 cells didn’t die in the end~! Whoo~! And I took the first photos of my cornea cell babies. I feel like I’m parenting already.
  • 8:42 PM Oct 1st, 2008: Mid Term Test + Bi-Weekly FYP Meeting + Project Presentation + Formal Hall Dinner. All have to occur on the SAME DAY. Grr~ No sleep night…
  • 12:05 AM Oct 3rd, 2008: Today is a day to remember. All the events actually went rather smoothly! The FYP meeting, mid-term test, project presentation and FHD. 😀
  • 2:00 AM Oct 7th, 2008: *Breathe* OKAY… It’s time to start drafting my FYP Progress Report 1. Target time to complete the report: this Thursday. Wish me luck.
  • 12:34 AM Oct 9th, 2008: “Cornea is a highly organized tissue with distinct structure in each of the corneal epithelium, stroma and endothelium layers…” SIAN AH…
  • 12:43 PM Oct 9th, 2008: Finally completed discussing the first sentence of my FYP description. Moving on to the second: Cornea ECM comprises of nano-scale features.
  • 2:39 AM Oct 10th, 2008: 当我知道实验室的同伴的初步报告比我还长很多时,心理是又急又感到不平衡…
  • 12:30 PM Oct 10th, 2008: Cornea graft collection at NUH at 2pm. Thank god it didn’t come in yesterday afternoon.
  • 10:17 AM Oct 21st, 2008: AH~! The actual cells for my FYP are here~! Have been waiting for it but here I am confused and scared when it’s finally here. Oh no…
  • 7:38 PM Oct 22nd, 2008: Finding myself in the lab once again… Waiting for bubbles to go ‘POP!’
  • 4:30 PM Oct 28th, 2008: Finally got the courage to ask and got a Korean lab senior’s 武林秘籍. Am going to copy the precious lab notes that he has made over the years…
  • 1:17 PM Oct 31st, 2008: Cornea graft for collection at NUH after 3pm. Looks like my free day meant for other projects and assignments is going to be burnt again. :S
  • 10:35 AM Dec 12th, 2008: Dressed up and on my way to… Lab… Again… Feeling a little heaty on the inside. Must had spent too much time under the sun yesterday.
  • 7:47 PM Dec 16th, 2008: Sucked in a fresh mist of alcohol this afternoon in the lab. Yucks!!
  • 9:18 PM Dec 18th, 2008Longest day ever(?) First to reach and the last to leave the lab. My brain is in a swirl right now. Bleah~
  • 11:20 PM Dec 23rd, 2008: 哇噻!虽然今晚不是第一次那么迟离开学校,但这可是我第一次那么晚离开实验室。工程系的夜晚原来是安静到可怕的。
  • 6:39 PM Dec 30th, 2008: This has got to be the worst lab week ever. I just messed up a box of N vials stored in liquid nitrogen. HHH~!!! ;(
  • 1:41 PM Jan 2nd: Another contamination… 😦 One child left.
  • 1:37 PM Jan 9th: My FYP professor just happily announced to me my FYP examiner. And she said that he’s my “favourite professor”.. Mentor said he’s not bad…
  • 12:33 PM Jan 23rd: I want to thank NUSCD for having gave me the chance to do a solo dance. Doing things alone is scary! Panic attack before FYP presentation…
  • 4:49 PM Jan 27th: Never Back Down the movie is so sucky that I cannot stand watching it in the background while I am doing my cell counting. *Vomit*
  • 8:16 PM Jan 27th: Watched The Number 23 while counting 2618 cells. Find it quite okay.. But feel that it’s dark for the sake of being dark. Btw, 2*8+6+1=23.
  • 10:38 PM Jan 27th: The Fountain is very engaging. So much so that I’ve only counted 150 cells. But that is also because the counting is much more complicated.
  • 1:25 AM Jan 28th: 3.7k cells in total and counting. I feel like vomiting…
  • 10:29 PM Feb 4th: “… but u have to work hard already if u wanna get somehting for you FYP.” Sigh~ *Stressed*
  • 9:01 AM Feb 9th: Hello Cells.
  • 7:09 PM Feb 11th: Hello cell counting, cell seeding, and balancing acts. I’ve missed you so… 🙂
  • 2:58 PM Feb 16th: FOUR THOUSAND CELLS!!!
  • 7:05 PM Feb 21st: AHH~!!! Why did my cell staining failed~!!! WHY???
  • 10:40 AM Feb 22nd: Back in lab. Here. We. Go. Again.
  • 11:34 PM Feb 25th: 今晚已是第二晚得从实验室步行回房了。希望一切的努力会开花结果。喂饱了所有正在培植的细胞,自己的晚餐竟然还没吃。;(
  • 2:53 PM Mar 9th: I’m on track to lose all my passion for FYP way before the deadline for FYP draft report… :S
  • 5:14 PM Mar 23rd: Finally told HER of my plans to stay. Quite happy that I have six more months to explore and look around. 🙂
  • 4:11 PM Apr 6th: Dozing off while imaging my cell seeding samples. URGH~!
  • 11:55 PM Apr 9th: Finally done with Day One of Histology. Hopefully will be able to see something tomorrow. Now let me walk my way back to KE from Engine.. :S
  • 4:20 PM Apr 10th: Reaching the final steps of my immunohistochemical staining. Super scared that I won’t get any results. Just heard someone spent 1 Sem on it.
  • 7:33 PM Apr 10th: Sigh… 明天再努力吧… 😦
  • 11:44 AM Apr 11th: Having solo karaoke sessions that last hours in the lab makes my throat sore. Hur hur~ Anything else to keep myself awake while imaging?
  • 12:36 AM Apr 17th: “Hi Zheng Jie, Sure I will work on it tonight. Thank you.” Whoa~ *Touched*
  • 2:02 AM Apr 17th: She REALLY worked on it tonight. I received her reply at 1:37am this morning with the comments and edits. *Touched* x2
  • 12:39 AM Apr 18th: Just walked back to my room from my lab. Heck the walk. Heck the sweat. Heck missing dinner. OMG… I LOVE MY UGLY CORNEA CELL SHEETS… 😀
  • 2:48 PM Apr 19th: I’m rather confused by my last set of lab results… Hmm…
  • 2:47 PM Apr 20th: Typed unbound thesis. Submitted. Cue relieve and rejoice. Haha…
  • 5:02 PM Apr 24th: I can now guess the amount of liquid nitrogen left in the tank by just looking at how frothy the mist is. Ho ho ho~ Amazed with myself. 🙂
  • 5:26 PM May 3rd: Yeah~! Poster sent for printing. I have no more excuse left to not study for BioMEMs…

If you’ve made it through the whole chunk of tweets, whoa~ Thanks for being concerned/interested enough. Wonder what’s the next big project in my life…


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