Lights… Camera… Action.

Who says that ad campaigns on the Internet are no longer effective because of the various ways Internet users can block out advertisements on their browsers? Good ads make people spend the time and effort to download and watch the adverts. Here are 2 adverts (one of which I had tweeted earlier) with the similar theme of light.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  • 0:08 with the splashing effect
  • 0:20 while panning through a field of snow falling down gradually

I love stop motion animations. It’s such an intricate process that needs so much planning, time and effort. According to the making of documentary (which is unfortunately in French but luckily I have Fen around), the above production was much more difficult that the crew thought it would be. The project used 288,000 candles, 1600 pictures, 20 animators, 5 days of shooting, and 4 weeks of testing. Hardcore~

You’ve got to watch the one below at least once at the originating site to get the whole impact of the advertisement. It’s rather out of the box.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This advertisement reminds me slightly of the countdown segment during Beijing Olympics opening ceremony (read the rest of the entry to watch it again). And the Olympics’ version was way more remarkable because it was coordinated by the performers themselves. Oops… And there was an unrealistic feel to the whole concept because it could had been easily accomplished using computer generated graphics. Alternatively, I could hook up the car headlights to a central computer and control them from there. Nevertheless, the integration with the website was rather dramatic and attracted my attention from the beginning. Noticed that the filming took some coordinating efforts too. The filming crew had to synchronize the time it complete the animation with the break of the dawn. Oh, the lens flare was just ridiculous~ How did they accomplish that?!

古老日晷光影变幻 千面巨缶震撼倒数


Vodpod videos no longer available.


FP PHOTO / Joe Klamar

2 thoughts on “Lights… Camera… Action.

  1. I still like alot of the Beijing Olympic opening, i watched twice! the “live”, and the enchore right after the “live” on 08/08/08.. heheh.. anyway, the advertisment is cool…

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