Who do you liked best or valued most?

Yeah… The finals for HR module is finally over. No more studying of the rationalization of office politics and theories of how to negotiate carefully in the work environment! It was quite a conflicting module for me because I enjoyed the part where they explored emotional intelligence, the concept of self. BUT… Having to sit through an exam where you write essays for such topics is weird.

Okay, here’s a reading/case study/psychological test that I remembered the most from my HR classes. Read on…

A ship sank in a storm. Five survivors scrambled aboard two lifeboats: a sailor, a girl, and an old man in one boat; the girl’s fiancé and his best friend in the second.

That evening the storm continued, and the two boats separated. The one with the sailor, the girl, and the old man washed ashore on an island and was wrecked.

The next day the weather cleared, and still the girl could not locate her fiancé. In the distance she saw another island. Hoping to find her fiancé, she begged the sailor to repair the boat and row her to the other island. The sailor agreed, on the condition that she slept with him that night.

Distraught, she went to the old man for advice. “I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong for you,” he said. “Look into your heart and follow it.” Confused but desperate, she agreed to the sailor’s condition.

The next morning the sailor fixed the boat and rowed her to the other island. Jumping out of the boat, she ran up the beach into the arms of her fiancé. Then she decided to tell him about the previous night. In a rage he pushed her aside and said, “Get away from me! I don’t want to see you again!” Weeping, she started to walk slowly down the beach.

Her fiancé’s best friend saw her and went to her, put his arm around her, and said, “I can tell that you two have had a fight. I’ll try to patch it up, but in the meantime I’ll take care of you.”

So who is the character that you’d consider as one that you liked best or valued most, and who is the one whom you liked least?

To think I had a slight argument with the Human Resource tutor over the way this hypothetical case was being conducted.

Since I thought it was a rather open ended discussion and I disliked boring ones, I chose sailor as the person I liked most in the story. It was actually easy to rationalize: the sailor was very transparent when it came to his needs and desires (unlike the fiancé’s best friend whose dirty arms went around the girl), he spelt it out clearly for his client (the girl had all the rights to reject his offer), did what he was suppose to do and did it well (the boat was fixed and it didn’t sink on it way across the island).

I forgot whether my tutor had an issue with my answer during the class discussion. But I disliked that she conducted the story with a standard answer in her mind (and she did have a specific ranking in mind if I’m not wrong). And to top it all, she brought in the concept of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development and indirectly shot at me that my level basis of moral judgement was at the lowest level. BUT… the moral development angle was uncalled for because we were not asked to discuss the story from the “moral” point of view. And what’s the point of a discussion when there is already a correct answer and no way for other answers to be accepted?

Okay end of rant. I hope I won’t be marked down for being so obtrusive when I was fighting for the sailor. And everyone be careful… I have low moral development. 😐

6 thoughts on “Who do you liked best or valued most?

  1. hmm as you have rightly put, it’s not a discussion of moral decisions to be made. The question posed by the case study is about what qualities liked/disliked, and not who/what is “right” or what you would have done in the same situation. 😛 wrong use of Kohlberg in my opinion.
    I suppose the sailor is an unconventional choice to most that’s why.
    anyway my answer: i like the old man for not judging or labeling the gal, for encouraging ownership of decisions and dislike the gal for not being able to face the consequences of her own decisions 🙂

  2. hahah so you did notice her shooting at you.

    aiya… her working assumption was perhaps that our morals/values are similar to whom we like/value most, that’s why she brought in the moral development model. which may not be valid in your case.

    don’t think she’d mark you down just bcos of this, otherwise everything she taught about diversity and accepting others’ views will be just crap.

  3. yi xin: Eh… Didn’t she explain that there’d always be gap between espoused theory and theory-in-use? That’s a quite handy excuse if she decides to ignore diversity… No?

    Sp@rrow: I dislike the Fiancé’s best friend most~! I hate people with hidden agendas. This also reflects how I usually imagine the worst possible scenarios when I do not get a complete picture. Hmm…

  4. ahhh. then she needs to practise some double loop learning to question her assumptions and bridge the gap between her espoused theory and theory-in-use.

    a honestly has selfish agenda man is more likeable than a potentially good man, interesting argument, but i still don’t get it.

  5. the girl is the best! haha made the wrong choice and still pitied by others.

    best friend is the worst. BS fella.

    ur tutor brain is stuck, needs tweaking.

  6. yi xin: as per mentioned above, the choice was just made for the sake of providing a different perspective to the discussion. don’t over analyze…

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