Unbound Thesis Submission

This is dedicated to his family and his closest friends, for all their care and understanding in the past few months.

I’m one that’s not very good with words. Or at least not very good at translating my thoughts into words. I believe I’d look back at my acknowledgements one day and wished that I had phrased it better. But hey, I meant what I said and I’m sticking to it.

I’m also a very lousy marathon runner. I usually have good head starts but I’d falter near the end and lose all my momentum. It’s slightly different this time round when I have so many people cheering me on at the last mile. So a very big thank you to ahL and Yixin for the sweets, SMSes, phone calls. They are like places where I can offload my toxic stress levels, or share some exciting (and possibly irrelevant) lab results with.

Then there’s my family too. My family has been really supportive through the whole FYP. Due to my preference to work in the lab during weekends, I’ve been returning home from at least once a week to none in two weeks. My parents even came down to NUS last Saturday evening to bring me fried rice, ginseng soup, fruits… It was the best dinner I’ve ever had in NUS. The thought of hugging my mother before we parted crossed my mind. But I killed that notion as quickly as it came and I rushed back to the lab, feeling recharged.

And I have a great team of lab mates. My supervisor and mentor are the best people that you can work with. Remember how primary/secondary/JC teachers prepare you and helped you with your exams? Personally, it was great working with them and battling the system (PSLE/O/A levels) together. University seemed different. Professors didn’t really seem to be concerned whether you are in sync with them or whether you needed help. That was not the education I wanted from NUS. But my supervisor and mentor are different. They are very patient (in explaining difficult concepts to this block of wood), very nice-tempered (in assisting with my last minute requests), and extremely helpful. I am very confident that no other undergraduates ever receive an SMS at 1130pm offering to improve their thesis that is due the next day.

With all the blessings, I crossed the finish line and might even had sprinted the last 100m. Amazingly, I managed to fill up 29 pages of the maximum 30 pages for my thesis even with my private limited language skills. Wow… This is my first time in NUS that I enjoyed academic work.

First thing I did after I delivered the soft and hard copies of my unbound thesis was to send SMSes and call back home…

What’s next? Human resource finals this Thursday, followed by preparation and printing of my FYP poster, then BioMEMs finals on 6th May and FYP oral/poster presentation on 13th May. I’m still undecided whether I want to work some more in the lab through May to obtain some more results for my oral/poster presentation.

Oh, and here’re some shots of my ugly cell sheets. I don’t really care that they are ugly… They came from my 八月怀胎 and I’m lovin’ them all. 😀

4 thoughts on “Unbound Thesis Submission

  1. now i believe in the inheritance of looks 😀

    i still don’t see the need for you to do anythg more for your poster. only 1 week to spare after MEMs, might as well spend it to do your poster. don’t waste time la, min input, max output! then again, perhaps u just need 1 hr to do a poster with ‘minimal effort’, darns.

  2. hahaha actually i seriously think nus got some of the really good and caring profs anyone can ever haf in the world! mine rox too!!! hahah

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