Five hundred posts,
A thousand three hundred and sixty five comments,
A hundred and thirty one thousand one hundred and sixty five page views.

And going… Am not updating as frequently as I usually do, but believe me when I say that I’ve been blogging, in my mind. Probably I’ve been thinking what should a landmark five hundredth blog post be like and took a little too long to decide. Guess I should just color the numbers… 🙂


Spent whole three days, from day till night taking images of the cells that I seeded and stained for proliferation activity. They were just basic “photo-taking sessions”, as I like to call them, but they were so mentally draining that I just drop dead on my bed every night after the microscopy. Couldn’t even wait long enough for my hair to dry.  And I cannot imagine how long I am going to take to count the cells this time round.

Two fresh vials of Human Corneal Epithelium cells came to the lab. It was such a vast difference from the first time I received it. I felt less fearful of the tiny one milliliter vial and my heart thumped more naturally when I was handling the cells.

I wish I have time to cross the next milestone of the project: histology. Been rescheduling that because I haven’t had time to dedicate two full days to it.


I would say that the official website for BioBiz is finally ready. Whatever that I accomplished is due to the accumulation of all the experience I had in managing and creating a website. And therefore I was secretly greatful to NUSCD for having gave me so much room to experiment and play with in the past few years. And I have a great team of journalists, statistician,  media relations and public relations to be thankful too. For that, they deserve a separate post. 🙂

Publicity effort has already begun in campuses across NUS and NTU. We created a series of three posters:

FYI, the percentages were not plucked from the air randomly. They were based on a survey which we rolled out with the support from the career centres in both NUS and NTU. We received a phenomenal response from approximately four hundred and fifty undergraduates who are taking majors relevant to the Biomedical Sciences industry. Yixin did the number crunching, and viola~

Registration begins at 00:00 hrs tomorrow and I’m extremely proud of the registration engine that I’ve created for the event. This is also an extension of what I’ve created for the ticketing engine that I’ve created for NUSCD. This time, it has (sort of) integrated online payment and a way to let registrant upload their resume into our database. And I’ve had great help from Yixin, who did the programming on the database side, and that halved my work load. Apologies to Fen for having to hear my moans and groans from all the long coding and debugging sessions. Heh~


It’s really nice having a room mate, someone right next beside me to talk to. It reminds me of the army days when I stayed in the bunk with other nine platoon mates. We watched lame cartoons like 蜡笔小新, cooked instant noodles for supper, caught Smallville on Channel 5… Those were the days… Ah…

And it’s good to have friends popping by my room now and then. Well, although the place is not extremely hospitable (I have only one chair for example) but I enjoyed their company. The most frequent complain I receive is probably that I do not mop my floor and it’s extremely dusty. I’ve tried to wipe it once in a while already okay…


Watched Retrospect by NUSCD recently and will be watching WO/OD later on. It’s my second time watching a NUSCD production that I was not a part of, first time was when I watched Dance Reflections 2005. I have some comments which I had wanted to tell the choreographers and dancers but didn’t have the chance to. Why didn’t I stay behind after the performance to tell them? That was because I had to rush to my lab to culture my cells. Otherwise I’d finish the lab procedure too late and I’d have to walk back to my hall.

Oh, and SYTYCD AU is running the second season. Here’s one that I really like. 🙂

Contemporary style to the music Natasha Bedingfield – “The Scientist (Live)”
Dancers:  Gianne & BJ

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Makes me miss pas de deux dance pieces, a lot. It reminds me of the innocent first love, of things clean and pure. AH~ I love the contemporary dance style…


4 thoughts on “500

  1. beautiful dance, i must say..gives me the feeling of sweet yet light mousse in mouth 😛 ~nice~
    and yeps, i would luv to hear your comments in retrospect to Retrospect whenever u got time to chat…hehehe…
    meanwhile all the best on biobiz and FYP 🙂

  2. Hey Sista! Didn’t really have the chance to catch up with you the last time we met. You were busy with your preparations, and I left my brain in the lab and couldn’t handle any meaningful conversation. :S

    Of course I watch SYTYCD from some legal means. I’d share it with you the next time we meet okie? 😀

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