Ah~! Test coming up on Tuesday afternoon. Why am I blogging about food? I must be craving for some sugar-rush…

Quite happy knowing that I will have 老婆饼 for supper tonight!

This photo looks rather professional…

Celebrated Yixin’s birthday at McPherson BBQ Seafood last Friday evening. The restaurant is ironically not a McPherson but at Clarke Quay. Food was not bad, but I loved the cakes from Cenelé the most! Of the three flavors shown in the picture, I totally fell in love with Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (furthest from focal point).

Ooo… The whole cake looks fabulous…

Here’s something totally random. I used an orange gassy drink and a beaker for an upcoming BioBiz promotion material. The result was surprisingly well received by the committee… Interestingly, they asked what camera I used for the photo. It was just my Canon IXUS 75.

More photos~!

The group of us who were at the birthday dinner

The Birthday Gal

BioBiz was having a photo taking session last Saturday. I panicked when they announced that we need a suit for that session and will need it on the conference day itself. I cannot imagine myself investing more than 100$ for a suit. Luckily Fen was around and I could borrow his suit! Ho ho ho~

First time wearing a suit after all the prom-nights that I missed

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