LNY 2009

Just realized that many other Korean and Vietnamese friends celebrate the new year and therefore I shall no longer call this festival CNY. Ho ho ho~

Happy Lunar New Year~!

Left school around 2pm on new year’s eve after feeding my cells and feeding myself. My mother reminded me N times previously to be home by 5pm because she wants to start the reunion dinner at 5pm. This has been our family practice for years. (Not just my family… This extends to all my maternal families…) And we have dinner this early every year so that all of us can sit and relax and watch the 春年节目 right around when it starts on TV.

Mum’s cooking was as good as usual. Good food equals to no inclination to take camera out and take photos. So no food pictures for you all. Wahaha…

Onto 春年节目, the programmes on Mediacorp Channel 8 was as lame as usual. I tried watching to embrace the idea of doing things as a family. But the digital and dubbed “singing” and lame comedies left such a strong bad taste in my mouth that I ended up watching The Daily Show. I wasn’t the only one anyways. My father watched some other movie on Channel 5 which I joined in later. And my sister was on Facebook.

Boom~! 初一 arrived. Photo taking before we left for grandma’s house… which is just across the road. Haha…

(Yar… It’s that pink t-shirt again. I was so busy this year that I have no time to buy new year clothes. Even though I had $80 of Takashimaya voucher, the men’s selections were so limited that my two attempt to buy new year clothes failed.)

Nothing much happened at grandma’s house, the main interchange where all her sons and daughters congregate. My cousins were watching second season of Heroes. My father and sister were confused by the number of characters that had special powers. My mother was talking to my grandma about my persistent cough. And I coughed a lot. Still.

Alright~! End of family visits, onto friend visits. And movie watching. Which ended up mirroring what we did exactly one lunar year ago…

The movie was a little too dark for the festival, but heck, I loved it. 🙂

And happy 24.5 years old to myself. Gosh, I am getting old…

5 thoughts on “LNY 2009

    • wil: She is a gem mah. 黄家掌上明珠… So have to keep a low profile…

      HL: Agreed. Do you agree that the person with the most change (i.e. aged the most) is hz? Haha…

  1. weeeyyy… *ahemm* must be the lightings tt made us look different.
    i realised we spontaneously dressed checks/stripes last yr and this yr all solid colours and in diff shades of red.

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