Week 1 of (not)School

Concluded that I’d never have the time I used to have to blog anymore. Not the hour to two hour break I used to have anyways. So here’s the quick and dirty edit of what happened to me during week one of (not)School.

9 Jan (Fri)

Lab spring cleaning day today. Sandip, my mentor and I are in charge of the clean area. I didn’t know that spring cleaning could be so tiring and draining! Suppose to meet my FYP professor after spring cleaning. And I ended up meeting her to update her about my FYP only at 9pm. But she was as patient as usual. Explaining what went wrong during the previous set of experiment, printing additional protocols for me, and even went down to the lab to verify how I counted my cells. Not forgetting also that she and my mentor (who happened to be in the lab that late too) help me search through my lab for some antibodies that I needed for my FYP imaging. *Touched* It was already past 10.30pm when she left the lab…

10 Jan (Sat)

BioBiz Marketing Team meeting day. I went down to the lab hours earlier to work on my FYP stuffs. First to reach the lab. Yeah~! Little did I know that I had overestimated my efficiency and planned more things to do than I could complete in the amount of time I had till 4pm. I ended up being 1.5 hours late for the BioBiz meeting. Such a disgrace. While the meeting went quite, my immunity could not take it anymore. This was the moment I started to fall ill. Starting by feeling feverish…

11 Jan (Sun)

Confirm fall ill ler~ Did nothing much for the day. Even the plan to move my stuffs in one night earlier failed. 😦

12 Jan (Mon)

Professor for one module sent in an email at 6.3oam stating that the tutorial class today at 11am would be replaced by lecture. =.=” Super last minute and lame. By the time I checked the email, I was already running experiments in my lab and the time was already 12pm. Localized seeding was madness. Imagining balancing a super fat droplet of water on a small 1.5cm by 1.5cm water proof material. Wait, imagine four of them on a plate and you had to bring them across a distance of 25m. Thank god for my steady hands.

Father offered to bring my stuffs to hall in the morning. Whoo~! After checking into the same room, I decided to visit YIH to consult the doctors there. Then it was back to lab until I met Yixin for BioBiz discussion. She ended up helping me clean up my room. I was suppose to start working on my FYP interim report due Friday. But I was really tired physically after the drinking the sleep inducing cough syrup. So it was early sleeping night.

13 Jan (Tue)

Reached lab at 8am to complete the localized seeding. Then it was time for scanning electron microscopy. My fourth attempt. Had some nice images of my own finally. 🙂

Nice hor… I like to call them houses or carpets for my cells. Night of this day was quite happening. The fever came back at full blast. My mother somehow knew and called me while I was passing out on my bed at 11pm. She panicked and together with my father, kidnapped me back home. (My father knocked on my neighbor’s door before realizing that I live in A104 and not A103. :S)

14 Jan (Wed)

See Chinese doctor. Eat medicine. Sleep. Eat medicine. Send email to FYP professor that I cannot make it for Friday’s presentation rehearsal. Sleep. Eat medicine. Thank mentor for offering to feed my cells. Thank FYP professor for postponing the presentation rehearsal date. *Touched*  Sleep. Eat medicine. Sleep.

15 Jan (Thu)

Sort of recovered. But I ended up having a rather bad cough instead. Did nothing much for the day except to concentrate on completing my interim report.

16 Jan (Fri)

1230am, I completed the first draft and very 不要脸的 sent it to my mentor. He actually edited it and got back to me at 130am. *Touched* Meanwhile, I continued to add content to the report as I had imagined when I was lying on the bed days earlier. I actually launched Adobe Illustrator to draw some simple diagrams to help illustrate my points better. Whoo~! Finally completed the report at 3am and popped onto the bed to sleep. But… It was a sleepless night. I kept coughing and coughing and coughing… I gave up and woke up at 7am. I was a moving hazard in the lab. Haha… All the things I did was at a super slow speed. I was praying very hard as I was doing all those lab work that no contamination would occur. Yixin reported that she brought blanket for me. Hur hur~ Unfortunately, it was yet another sleepless night. I sent tearful face to people in the middle of the night to share my sorrow with them…


See? First week went by just like that. And I attended only one of the five lectures that I was suppose to attend. Sigh~ May I recover soon. *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH*


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