Last Semester

Can’t believe that this day would come so quickly. It’s been 3.5 years and the university experience has been different and unique, like any other phase of my life. Last semester will be focused on Final Year Project, BioBiz and getting myself focused on all the tasks I need to do. I’m not really talented, but I will try to give everything my full commitment.

Kind of appreciate all the people who have come into my life thoughout these few years. Must treasure them before we each move on different paths and have our lives diverging.

So here’s to a wonderful last semester to all graduating friends. Cheers~


3 thoughts on “Last Semester

  1. i think i haven really drop by often enough these days, nor seen u ever since dance kinda ‘stopped’ in our lives.

    in any case. have a fulfilling last sem ahead! and all the best in ur biobiz yea?

  2. *~j|ngz~*: I haven’t had time to update my blog frequently enough too. And I haven’t been on instant messengers too. Hur hur.. May we all have a great semester ahead…

    rainbfly: That’s what they did to me the two/three times I got high fever and was hospitalized. It’s horrible. ;(

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