Brainstorming and Branding

Conducted the first two official meetings for my BioBiz Marketing Team where we brainstormed for a new logo and tagline to define our identity. Since it had been some time since I conducted any brainstorming sessions, I needed to look around for inspirations. Fortunately I have been watching short clips from TED and one by Tim Brown, CEO of Ideo, inspired some plagiarism. (Read Presentation Zen’s interpretation of Tim Brown’s talk.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As members from my team would have noticed, I copied the do-a-quick-sketch-of-your-neighbor excercise and make-30-circles-into-things exercise. The first exercise was to start the session at the right note. It’s important that we do not fear the judgement from our peers and not speak of any ideas that we have. Silence is not gold in a brainstorming session. The second was just a warm up session for the brain.

2 hours later… We had 30 phrases and close to a 100 associations to BioBiz. It was brain draining but quite a fruitful session. 🙂

Just this Tuesday, we met again to put the products of our brainstorming session on the drawing board and attempted to create a logo out of them. It was interesting to have our ideas rubbing off each idea and sparking new ones. I was quite happy to see that we had a synergy going round. 🙂 🙂

Can’t wait to reveal the official logo soon.

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