Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Watching Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader for the first time via Hulu channel and I’m lovin’ it!

Show summary:

Ordinary adults must try their luck at a series of questions targeted at the fifth-grade level. The adults will be asked questions from elementary school textbooks. There are five children as classmates that can help the adults through out the process. The contestants have the opportunity to answer 10 subject questions for 500,000 and one additional question to win a million dollars.

The adults have three cheats that they can use during the game Peek, Copy and Save. Peek is where the contestant looks at the child’s answer and decides whether or not they want to use it. Copy is where they must use the child’s answer. Save is used when the contestant guesses wrong and the child guesses right and therefore saves the contestant. All helps are only available once through out the game. The contestant is not allowed to use any helps on the million dollar question. Each child is only available for a maximum of 2 questions in a row.

Contestant can drop out at any time through out the game and leave with the money they have won. They must look into the camera and state, ” I am not smarter than a fifth grader.”


  • I love the studio set! At every opening of the show, a classroom “opens up” and is transformed into the quiz arena. Didn’t expect such elaborated set design in a game show.
  • The theme song is so bright and cheerful. Haha… I was hooked to the song the first time I heard it. (Trivial: The group that sings/plays the theme song is the children’s choir at Blessed Kateri Catholic Church in Saugus, California, United States. It is composed by Shanay Shahzad of the Ministry of Catholic Music. ) Here you go:
  • Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
    ‘Cause there’s gonna be a test later.
    Teacher teacher now we’re back in school,
    are you smarter than you used to be?

    Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
    Grab a pencil and a piece of paper.
    Teacher teacher now we’re back in school,
    so are you smart enough for the fifth grade?

  • What a disappointing opening candidate. An UCLA graduate had difficulty finding the height of the triangle when given the area and base of said triangle. =.=” *Sweat* Sometimes I wonder if the producers had reviewed the CV of the contestants and purposefully tailored topics which might have slipped their mind simply because they don’t use those knowledge for so long.
  • I question the feasibility of having this programme in Singapore. Are there really stuffs taught in primary schools that we adults do not know? Alright, I admit that social studies, geography and history are not my strengths. I may probably embarrass myself when facing questions from those categories. OOPS…
  • Polar bears and penguins live in the opposite poles of the Earth! Cool~!

For my non-US readers

Did you get the message below when you tried to play the video on

Sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed from within the United States

Don’t be disappointed, help is always available on the Internet. Visit Hotspot Shield, download the program and run it. You will be streaming Hulu away very soon… 🙂

Note: When you are connected to the Internet with Hotspot Shield running, advertisement will appear at the top for all web pages. So don’t get too worried if you think your computer has been infected by spyware after having installed Hotspot Shield. Just disconnect it after use and all will return to as it was, including the Hulu message.


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