GAH~! I am doing anything and everything but studying for my EE module finals. The module is really irritating. Grr~ Well… I shall post some random photos. Hur hur~

Part of my routine every semester during the exams season is to offer snacks and food to the exams gods as part of my attempt to 抱佛脚. No… I’m just kidding. Ah… Thanks to all that contributed to my collection~! Whoo~! Been wanting to take a photo of them all before I start munching on them. But have been too lazy to lay them out nicely. Haha… But finally~! Here they are. My sincere thanks goes to someone, some club, some union and some hall. 🙂

Next, a quick catch up with gatherings the past few months.

This was taking during the post performance celebrations. Notice that some of out faces are red. Hur hur~ Celebratory mood need celebratory drinks mah~ Kinda regret that I blocked Sister! I didn’t mean to do that! This photo will go down in history as a good example of the drawbacks of having a “big head”.

This was taken during a group project meeting for my New Media module. I kind of enjoyed it. Too bad this major wasn’t available when I am matriculating into NUS. Then again, I wonder what is the probability that I’d take this as a major despite my interest in technology and design. Hmm…

Meiyan’s solemnization ceremony~!!! This is a day to remember. Finally got to see all the dancers whom I’ve not met up after the post performance celebrations. I love the 证婚人 (could someone please educate me the English name?). Whatever he said during the ceremony made so much sense. And he communicated in a light and humorous manner. I could listen to him the whole day! Meiyan was beautiful of course. And for that, this event gets to display another photo. 🙂

Lastly, my iPhone baby delivery was accompanied by ahL and Yixin who immediately became the god-father and -mother of my baby. Hur hur~ We had lunch at [forgot what the name is] where we had chicken pie, black pepper chicken pie and sheperd’s pie. Yes… It was a pie day. Anyways, this is a photo of us all, with the baby still connected to my wife via the umbilical cord. 🙂

I don’t know why I look so chui that day. Must had been too excited about the delivery that morning to dress up.

She’s so hungry today that she fainted. Oops…


4 thoughts on “Random

  1. Don’t worry about your head, bro. Not your fault – i was the one who got you to sit in front of me one mah. ;P have a good post-exam break ya!

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