Thoughts of the iPhone Experience

This is a collation of all the thoughts as I use the iPhone in reverse chronological order (i.e. the oldest thought at the bottom and the newest at the top). I initially wanted to store everything until I have time to sort them out nicely and write an actual post. But seeing how bad I am at going back and sorting old things out, I should just post them as and when they come in. Just revisit this page once in a while to check things out. 🙂

  • [End of updates]
  • Aqua Hoops is my kind of game. Simple, relaxing, and amusing. 🙂
  • My incoming SMS ringtone made me skip a heart beat when it played suddenly as I was talking on the phone using an earpiece. It’s too sudden and loud. (But I was putting the phone at the maximum volume la~)
  • iPhone rings once for a new incoming SMS. If you don’t acknowledge the notification by going into the SMS application, iPhone will ring the SMS tone again after approximately 3 minutes.
  • iPhone warns of your battery level when it hits 20% strength and once again at 10%.
  • I am not used to owning a phone that has the battery running low so quickly. It’s down to 18% after the full charge it had last night before I sleep. That’s around 15 hours. Maybe I should switch off 3G and switch it on only when I am accessing webpages or downloading stuffs.
  • BBOM provides the iPhone with a IP address that is “more unique” as compared to school network and residential broadband. This means that I’d have less problems downloading from websites such as RapidShare where they only allow one download session per IP address.
  • This is a test email that I am typing horizontally. Am doing this to verify whether horizontal keyboard is more efficient and more accurate than vertical keyboard. But apparently not. Hmm… And I’d lose the audio “click-click” feedback I get during each key press. Placing my hands around the iPhone when typing horizontally blocks out the built-in speaker. And typing silently can be rather unnerving. Totally no feedback at all. [Sent from my iPhone]
  • Google Picasa Web interface on the Mobile Safari is nice. But one is unable to save the photos displayed. Spent a lot of time searching for a solution and I found this bookmarklet: Show Images + Pixel Size.[See one bullet point above] Save this bookmark into your iPhone or iPod Touch and launch it at any webpage. This will list down all the pictures displayed in that webpage in a separate page. To save any image, just touch the image and hold until the option to save the image shows up. 🙂 [Source: Pimp My Safari]
    • Update: Forgot that doesn’t allow Javascript code. Visit Pimp My Safari and scroll to the section Images under Web Development. Then… Save the bookmark there. Thanks to cherryem for the information.
  • Fingerific Fingeric is the most entertaining game I’ve played on the iPhone. (I don’t know where the name Fingerific came from…) It’s short, exciting and someone has problem turning the circles clockwise. Watch the game play here. Download it quick from iTunes while it’s still free!
  • I need something to extend the life of my iPhone considering how heavily I might be using it. Especially if I am going to tether the BBOM connection. Hmm… Mophie Juice Pack for USD99.95? No~!!! Boo Hoo~
  • I didn’t realize that tethering can be so easy. And it’s a free solution: iPhoneModem rsrelay. It’s easy on the Mac OS with the helper application anyways. 🙂
  • BeejiveIM is the best for-pay instant messenging application on the iPhone. It’s just really, really expensive.
  • I ran the battery down to 20% in 8 hours of general usage. Lots of SMS, few sessions of games, and several podcast playback.
  • I clocked 282.78 MB of bandwidth in 4 days. Not bad! But I am sure that the usage will decrease significantly if I cannot find a way to tether my Broadband on Mobile (BBOM) connection.
  • Receiving MMS is a PAIN. Singtel sends you a SMS notifying you to visit but there is no visible link to the MMS inbox! I ended up having to Google for Singtel MMS Inbox and got there much easily. 😦
  • Generally, people are more sensitive to piracy on the iPhone.
  • 50kB/s is the fastest speed I observed on my iPhone 3G on Broadband on Mobile. This was achieved when I was downloading a file from RapidShare and had 5 bars of 3G reception.
  • Restoring the iPhone restores everything except for the arrangements and locations of the applications. All applications will be installed and arranged in alphabetical order after iTunes restoration. It can be a pain especially when you have 30 odd applications.
  • Jailbreaking is definitely not for the technically not advanced. The instructions available to jailbreak an iPhone are not placed centrally.
  • It’s easy to share photos taken by the iPhone with the world! Just send an email to a predetermined Picasa email address with the photo attached and the title of the email with the name of the photo album.
  • There is a lack of location based application for Singapore.
  • Push email provided from Yahoo does not have consistent performance. Sometimes you get Push notification within five seconds of receiving a new email. And it can take up to 15 minutes for other moments.
  • The built-in GPS is fun. Can be a useful tool if you what to track your current location on a bus ride to somewhere you are not familiar.
  • Singtel’s 3G reception at some residential area is actually rather spotty.
  • The song playback skips that tiny little bit when you multi-task. It’s almost indiscrenable, but it’s there.
  • Three iPhone crashes within the span of 24 hours! Twice involving me multi-tasking (listening to song plus something else).
  • Fortunately, iTunes store Singapore doesn’t accept debit card when you attempt to set up an account. This will save me lots of impulse purchase.
  • Typing English language is very efficient with the built-in auto-correction. Chinese on the other hand is actually more accurate using the hand writing recognition.
  • Palringo is by far the best iPhone application for instant messaging available for free.
  • The iPhone came out of the box loaded with firmware vesion 2.01. This means that an iPhone update was required.
  • The Customer Service Officer at the Singtel Christmas Fair was much respectful in the sense that he pre-empted me about he was going to do with the iPhone before he actually did it. “I am going to remove the cover and insert the SIM card for you…”

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of the iPhone Experience

  1. Fingeric video 0:45 – the zai person also had trouble rotating clockwise ok! it IS not sensitve!

    just realised maybe… shud play vertically. my trick in improving the clockwise moves was using thumb and pinkie of left hand to stabilise as i turn so maybe using the whole left hand would be even better?

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