manage |ˈmanij|
1 [ trans. ] be in charge of (a company, establishment, or undertaking); administer; run : their elder son managed the farm.

  • administer and regulate (resources under one’s control) : we manage our cash extremely well.

Time, the most precious resource on earth. That once lost cannot be found. The most well distributed wealth given to everybody. It doesn’t matter what you have, who you are or where you are from. Everyone has an equal amount of time and it’s up to one to manage it. Time and again, I’ve been reminded that I have poor time management skills. For some reason, my brain is just wired to not multi-task. With so many tasks coming up, how I wish I can install a Time Manager 2008. Haha…

  • have the position of supervising (staff) at work : the skills needed to manage a young, dynamic team.

Team… To run a team is no simple stuff. Oh, but before you run a team, you’d need time and the right social links to scout for talents to join the team. This is my first time having such a large pool of people to choose talents from: NUS + NTU. (But I do admit that I lack the social network to reach them…) I realize that it is important that I know what is the skill set that I need for my team. And what are the new dimensions a prospective member can provide. Since I am required to keep the size of the team small, I have to be picky over who I recruit. Reduce overlaps, and every new member should make the team a more rounded one.

  • be the manager of (a sports team or a performer) : he managed five or six bands in his career.

So this is my first time when members of the team have their personal agenda that they want to achieve when they join the team. “Vested interest” would what someone use to describe the agenda. This is somewhat different from other situations whereby people have to be coerced into taking up a management role (a.k.a. sabo-ed).

  • maintain control or influence over (a person or animal) : she manages horses better than anyone I know.

Influence sounds like a nice word, since it sounds less forceful as compared to “maintain control”. Dictatorship is definitely not my cup of tea; I prefer to convince my team mates and hopefully they’d share the same vision and target. But the difference between control and influence is just a thin line. A little too much, and some may think that you are constantly breathing down their neck. Too little, and some may start to fly like an uncontrolled kite.

  • (often be managed) control the use or exploitation of (land) : the forest is managed to achieve maximum growth.

Exploitation? Nah… My aim is to scout for “auto-pilots” who would have the motivation and are willing to take up tasks on their own. Haha…

这几个星期的初次接触给了我很多启发,让我从反教育领悟到物色对的人的重要性。都说“好的开始是成功的一半”了,所以我非常重视这 setting up a team 的过程。只可惜…发掘人才还真的不容易。有时还会不小心… *ahem*


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