Time has been really tight with everything coming in… Lab work, project reports, assignments. So AnteMeridiem will be on hibernation till I have more time to maintain it. Hopefully it’d be soon, because I do like the interaction and feedback I get. Below is a real time (well, almost) record of what I have been doing. It updates itself automatically according to the activities that I do online. 🙂 So even while I am not adding new post, this updates itself dynamically…

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Meanwhile, to all those out there, take good care of yourselves…


One thought on “Hibernation

  1. Hi! After browsing through the NUS Chinese Dance website and promotional video, I’m really interested in joining the group. Although I’ve graduated from NUS, I’ll be returning to work as a researcher coming Jan. Please kindly let me know when and where the practice times in the new term are so I can pop by. I’m quite excited to be chinese dancing again, it’s been quite a long time…hope I can still do it 🙂 Thank you very much, I really appreciate it 🙂

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