nzj’s University Musical

The emptiness in me had me seeking to have it filled. Since I was in quite a state of desperation, I caught High School Musical 3: Senior Year in the cinemas. I had not much expectations from the preview of the soundtrack, but I still paid the eight dollars.

Whoa~ I didn’t expect it to remind me of the dilemmas I face everyday.

Can I Have This Dance

by Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens

Update 29th October 2008: Added portion of the movie; broadcasted during Dancing with the Stars (and therefore the applause at the end of the video clip). My favorite moments are right below the clip:

0:57 – Gabriella seems very light~! And I like the way she arches upwards.
0:59 – Same lift as 0:57. Light and effortless as always. And I think she pointed her feet~!
1:19 – Uh oh… Troy looked downwards to make sure that he doesn’t fall…
1:20 – See! He does that again…
1:33 – Whoa~! That’s quite a drop. And she is on heels~!
1:57 – I liked the way they spin round and Gabriella just rests her weight on on foot.
2:18 – Whoo~
2:38 – I wonder how they can accelerate the spin and yet make it seem so smooth…

Okay… Not bad… 🙂 The choreography definitely made the soundtrack more promising. End of update insert.

High School Musical being a musical, had quite a bit of dancing and pa de deux. (The song above is played when Troy and Gabriella waltzed on the rooftop garden.) That made me miss dance so much. I’ve basically dropped all dance activities after Dance Reflections 2008. No more TAT, no more dance rehearsals, and am no longer attending technique class. SIGH~ And I miss being part of a production, being in sync with the dancers on stage, and the burst of endorphin at the end of each performance.


Whilst the high school seniors are deciding which college to go to after their graduation, I am constantly reminded of which job I should take up after the graduation I have myself. And the reminders come in everyday… Suddenly I am extremely confused of what career path I should take. Bioengineering? Design? IT? Systems integration? Bioimaging? Apple/Google? Going from Primary school to university had been easy: just choose the best place available. Things are so different from here on… Worse still, I have totally no motivation to attend career talks/exhibitions, not to mention searching for jobs on the papers. I know I should be doing these, given the economic downturn and thus the increased difficulty to get a job, but I seriously have no motivation.

How to end this university musical of my own… Haiz…

From the previous episode of Desperate Housewives

If you look closely into the faces of your friends, you’ll see it. Right behind their smiles, you will see a certain green-eyed monster, and then you’ll understand how envious they are of your well-kept home… your delicious recipes… and your tasteful sessions.

But you’ll have to work hard to see the jealousy, because good friends always work hard to hide it.

May I say something? When I know of the progress my friends are making with their job hunting and interviews, in the words of Lynette Scarvo, I felt so jealous my stomach hurt. Why am I still so lost and unmotivated? Why does it seem that others already know what they want?


没有啦~我是蛮真诚的为你 “ridiculously large amount of annual pay” 感到开心和骄傲的。I’m just bitterly jealous that’s all.


7 thoughts on “nzj’s University Musical

  1. hMmm. strangely, was just pondering over this recently, might not have any relevance, but wells.

    we spend our entire lives searching for that something; an answer to the ‘why’s and the ‘what-if’s, love, happiness, a meaning, a purpose… and what if we – if we’re the lucky few – DO find that something? what comes of it?

    we’d realize that there’s no true answer, no end in sight on our pursuit for everything and nothing under the sun. and then it’s too late.

    more often than not, we neglect the beauty of the paths we take while on that search and fail to experience and enjoy life, one uncertain step at a time; i guess these words are cliche but so very true; it’s the process, not the end that matters 🙂

    there’s an odd charm in getting lost; throw caution to the wind, (re)discover your motivation and be happy! 🙂

  2. let it rain, let it pour. catch the lightning when it falls.
    or let it flash by you, that’s fine too. with every step we take together, we will keep on getting better 🙂 🙂

    i hope you dance~~

    sidenotes: i know that lightning strikes instead of falls, but for rhyming sake… 😀

  3. If you want to dance, just dance!nobody shd be able to stop you.. Age is a very sensitive issue for dancers, so wait no more. But do your time management and prioritise.

    我有些朋友就受到上天的眷顾,从读书时期知道自己的方向,现在个个都已经拥有博士的职衔,在 Cambridge U, NATA etc 就职,这是他们的福分。反观自己还在这个社会大熔炉打转。可是“人比人,气死人”。就好象雪芬所说的,只要做好眼前的事情,做好自己的本分,活在当下。

    自己做的决定,没有后悔的余地,只能拼命的往前走。当机会一到,就赶紧逮住。Read more books, talk to more ppl, that could be able to help you to find your direction and motivation.


  4. i think most ppl will more or less have such situation as to which path to take as a career. i struggled too. well… probably its best when the job is also ur passion.

    ok…reality may be…we r not proficient enough…so that may fall under “interest/hobby” instead.

    there were times when friends asked me y i don’t do dance fulltime… ok other then i think im not pro enough to do it, passion is what drives me to dance. i don’t want it to become – 背着良心混口饭, or anything along that line to spoil performing arts, or myself, all in all.

    now i found a balance… i have a nice job (but hours not very ideal), i constantly commit to dance, as well as other passions and activities. im not really successful but its getting better n better (at least i believe im making progress).

    i suggest u define ur aimssss… having a definite aim is important. work on it…

    seek n u shall find…(im not christian or anything like that…hahaha)

    im not sure if im helping… … …

    last words…
    be true to urself n live ur live.

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