More Apples

Somehow my lack of time to draft personal blog entries has caused this blog to evolve into one that has lots of video contents. Hur hur~

Apple has posted more Get a Mac advertisements~! In particular, the one below, titled “V Word”, had me giggle in silence in the Computer Centre… Heh~

I liked John Gruber’s interpretation of the advertisement above:

Apple’s new “V Word” commercial is rather interesting. On the surface it’s typical “Get a Mac” comedy. But the message is actually meta-mockery of Microsoft’s recent rebranding push. Apple’s calling Microsoft out for something that is obvious but which I hadn’t really thought about until seeing this spot — that they’re no longer mentioning “Vista” by name but talking only about “Windows” generically. The “Windows 7” moniker fits in with this.

“Vista” has turned into such poison, marketing-wise, that even Microsoft is dropping it.

Although Windows Vista isn’t so much as a technical failure as compared to Windows ME, it is certainly the biggest branding/marketing failure of Microsoft’s, ever.


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