“Only Warmth, and Light”

Just watched latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. First, the nice parts of the episode:

In 6500 b.C., some guy looked at his sick friend and said, “I have an idea. Why don’t I drill a hole in your skull? It’ll make you feel better.” And thus, surgery was born. It takes a certain brand of crazy to come up with an idea like drilling into somebody’s skull. But surgeons have always been a confident bunch. We usually know what we’re doing, and when we don’t, we still act like we do. We walk boldly into undiscovered country, plant a flag and start ordering people around. It’s invigorating and terrifying. […] We like to think we’re fearless, eager to explore unknown lands and soak up new experiences, but the fact is, we’re always terrified. Maybe the terror is part of the attraction. Some people go to horror movies. We cut things open, dive into dark waters. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what you’d rather hear about if you’ve got one drink and one friend and 45 minutes? Smooth rides make for boring stories. A little calamity – that’s worth talking about.

Mrs. Grandy? Your husband is in recovery. It was a tough procedure, but overall, it went really well. He’s gonna be okay, Mrs. Grandy.
He is never gonna forgive me. He was sick, and I told him he was lazy and boring.
He was sick. You didn’t know.
Well, I’m his wife. I should’ve known. He was…
People are terrible to the people they love sometimes. They’re mean. You were both going through a really hard time, and you took it out on one another. It isn’t fun, but  is what people do. That doesn’t make you the worst wife in the world. It just makes you… a person who made a mistake.

I-I know, okay? I know I’m being an ass. I can’t help it. I’m pissed off all the time, so much, I can’t even breathe. But you can’t be pissed at a crazy chick for losing her mind, so there’s nobody else to be pissed at except you. Nobody else.

People are terrible to the people they love sometimes. Wow… I’m sure someone would agree totally with this sentence. One would say that love brings more pain than it brings comfort. But I believe that it’s going through the pain and surviving the pain together that makes relationships stronger. Because the sad truth is, there aren’t so many punching bags around and yet there are times when one needs a punching bag to vent out all the dark energy that has been building inside one. You may have the most “love”, but if everything falls like a house of cards with the slightest breeze, that is (to me) not what a relationship can be. It’s a little too transient, 太经不起考验了…

Random Thoughts

Dermatology department of Seattle Grey’s Hospital reminds me of Canada. The bright, soft glow that seems to be present everywhere because everyone is so relaxed and civil. I’m not implying that Singaporeans aren’t civil, it’s just that with all the stress level and rush to be efficient, we seem to have lost a lot of “stuff”. Stuffs that makes you feel happy and glowy, if you catch what I mean.

I’ve lost my glow. I want to head out again and get them back…


7 thoughts on ““Only Warmth, and Light”

  1. ha.. reading this post reminded me of this song “the more you ruv someone” from a musical called “avenue q”. its in sg esplande already btw…
    though people you love may do irritating things to u, somehow we still love them in the end. that’s one of e strangest things that i still cant figure out the reason. heh..
    well i think if e person is capable of irritating u in e first place, this person must be special in a way. that’s y the more u love the person, the more capable the person is in irritating you. =)

  2. Manson~! Are you the 25-year-old Manson? Anyway… The accent/pronunciation(?) of the singer is funny~! Is the character missing some front tooth or is from some farm?

  3. More quotes from Grey’s Anatomy:

    I am a rock. I am an island. That’s the mantra of pretty much every surgeon I’ve ever met. We like to think we’re independent, loners, mavericks. That all we need to do our jobs is an OR, a scalpel, and a willing body. But the truth is not even the best of us can do it alone. Surgery like life is a team sport. And eventually, you’ve got to get off the bench and decide… what team are you batting for? […] The thing about choosing teams in real life, it’s nothing like it used to be in gym class. Being first picked can be terrifying. And being chosen last isn’t the worst thing in the world. So we watch from the sidelines clinging to our isolation. Because we know as soon as we let go of the bench… someone comes along and changes the game completely.

    I like to think that I am a loner…

  4. More:

    For a surgeon, every patient is a battlefield. They’re our terrain. Where we advance, retreat, try to remove all the land mines… and just when you think you’ve won the battle, made the world safe again. Along comes another land mine. […] Some wars result in complete and total victory. Some wars end with a peace offering. And some wars end in hope… But all these wars are nothing compared to the most frightening war of all. The one you have yet to fight.

    Are wars that you know are coming and yet to come even more frightening? Mine are really coming…

    When I was a kid, I would get this headaches and I went to the doctor and they said that I needed glasses. I didn’t understand that. It didn’t make sense to me because I could see fine and then I get the glasses and I put them on and I’m on the car on the way home and suddenly… I yelled. Because the big green blobs that I’ve been staring at my whole life… they weren’t big green blobs… they were leaves! On trees! I could see the leaves! And I didn’t even know I was missing the leaves, I didn’t even know that the leaves existed and then… leaves! You are glasses.

    Extremely powerful language. The words alone can make me 感动.

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