Apple Computers

First the geeky stuffs of Apple computers…

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I am really amazed with the small logic board found in the new MacBook… Which reminds me that my MacBook Pro should now be in the hands of the Apple technicians at Apple HQ, Singapore, having her faulty NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor replaced. She is way beyond her warranty, but fortunately Apple recognizes this as a manufacturer error and should be replacing it for my at no cost incurred on me.

I have no one but the screen saver Moving Photos 3D to thank for finding this innate hardware problem. This screen saver effectively uses Core Animation to animate an array of pictures in three dimensional space. The animation is real crazy but impressive. I shall post screen grabs of my own after I got it back from Apple, but for now, here are some screen shots provided by the developer himself.

I guess I’ve never pushed my graphics card so hard before, considering that I am not so much of a gamer and 3D animation designer. Days after I installed the screen saver, my notebook began to not recover from the sleep state properly. The notebook didn’t even manage to boot into the operating system right after a forced shut down. What’s interesting is if I let the notebook cool down enough, it could actually boot all right~! That is a sign from God that some overheating issue is plaguing my notebook…

Okay… Maybe this is a little too boring for the non-geeks… But in short, things start to click together once I saw with my own eyes that the notebook froze up when it ran the screen saver after a few minutes.

Now, the human side of Apple computers…

I watched the video stream of the October 2008 Keynote event that unveiled the new line of notebooks from Apple. The most interesting part has to come from Jonathan Ive. When he was introducing the unibody concept of Apple future notebooks, you can see how sincerely he believes that the unibody construction is a great innovation. It’s a wonder how much a smile can do to a presentation…

Only Apple understands their customers. The experience and service you get from the actual retail stores managed by Apple (like the one I visited in Montreal, Canada) is rather different from those managed by their official service providers (all Apple stores in Singapore).

I went down to Sapura Service @ Orchard found within Wheelock Place on Wednesday evening. That was the first time I visited that branch since I usually visit QCD Technology at Ang Mo Kio. The customer service officer was handling my MacBook Pro like a generic laptop, pressing the power button like you would prod a dead mice with a branch. And she insisted that I call up Apple hot line to get a Customer Satisfaction number before she would take in my notebook, simply because my notebook is out of warranty. And she shut down her counter as I was on the phone with the Apple representative. I guess it’s time for her to go home… What a wasted and disappointing trip…

The phone call on Apple help line lasted 40 minutes, but the experience was actually bearable, if not hilarious. The technical guy on the phone apologize profusely (several times in fact) as he tried to research on my problem based on my descriptions. He eventually patched the call over to another Apple support team in Europe and the lady on the line definitely seemed to know what’s happening and was able to quickly expedite my requests. The next day, I find myself at QCD Technology. The journey was really far, but I know it’s definitely a place run by people who understands Apple users…

Did you know that everytime I get my MacBook Pro back from QCD Technology, the notebook would be in prestine clean condition? Apparently they make the effort to clean the whole notebook for you. Haha… Grease and dirt begone~!


4 thoughts on “Apple Computers

  1. Would like to hear more about your experience at QCD. My iMac is suffering from condensation within the glass screen and I am debating where to go to get it serviced. Sapura (which manages the EpiCenter service center) sounds horrible — I was at their Funan service center and made a simple enquiry and was told that I had to go to Toa Payoh since the Funan technician’s only services Macbooks and not iMacs. My experience with the AppleCare hotline has been less than impressive as well so far.

  2. engloy: My experience at QCD has been rather perfect. I would highly recommend anyone who has trouble with their Apple products (except iPhone) to approach QCD. AppleCare hotline can be tricky business sometimes. One may sometimes need to be pushy in order to fight for one’s consumer rights.

  3. Hi nzj,

    I went to QCD and I must say… I’m impressed! I could only make it on a Saturday and I called one day before to find out if there would be someone available to help fix my problem. The staff on the phone was so helpful that she actually called me back after fixing an appointment for me to meet up with one of the technicians. The technician fixed up the screen for me within a couple of hours the next day and so far, I have not experienced any further condensation issues. Hopefully, I will not have to bring my iMac back for further issues, but if I’d need to, I’m certainly going back to QCD!

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