Singapore’s Web 2.0 (Part 2)

Alright, this is not an exaggeration but this made me felt extremely touched when I first saw it. The concept, the design and the integration is all that I had envisioned. To see it actually being accomplished. WOW…


gothere is basically an online street directory, for Singapore. You may say aren’t there already multiple other street directories already available? Well, just gothere and give it a try (pun intended). You’d notice a huge advantage that gothere has to offer.

Let’s break it down:

1. Integration of service information

SMRT and SBS Transit both provides bus service route information and provides some form of help in planning your journey from point A to point B. A huge problem is that they only provide route information for their own bus service. What happens if you are travelling from a area that is mainly served by SBS Transit and need to travel to a location that has only SMRT buses? What if you want to have the choice of taking the train? Well, gothere solves these problems. Let’s try travelling from NUS to Republic Polytechnic. Look at how it clearly breaks down the route information! From walking to taking the SBS Transit bus to taking the SMRT train to the SMRT bus. SUPER IMPRESSIVE! And if for some weird reason you want to travel using buses only, the result is generated almost instantanously when you click the radio button at the top.

2. Route information

Some of us are stingy in terms of the journey time. And some others prefer to save on the cost of the journey. gothere allows you to have a quick overview of the cost of travel in terms of time and cash. For the drivers, those who needs driving directions can choose to avoid ERP gantries or expressways (for example during the peak hours). The time needed for the travel and the distance are all broken down nicely for you too. How about changes in ERP rates? Hike in fares for bus and train journeys? gothere is fast to update their database to provide you with the most up-to-date fares.

3. Costs

Let’s return to the NUS to RP example again. Say you are stuck in a NUS meeting and want to maximize the time you can stay with your group mates before rushing off for RP. When will the next bus arrive? Click on the cutsy bus icon and it provides you with an option of checking for the next bus arrival time~!!! WOW~!!! (Note that this information is only available for SBS Transit bus services.)

4. Peace to the mind

Haha… This is lame but I really love the clean user interface design! Aren’t those icons cute?! And there’s no stupid option of paying to have the totally in-your-face ads removed. *Ahem* Even the URLs are so clean: Poly. Cool~ Whoever that designed the architecture of the service really had it thought through carefully.

Anyway, the message is: This is totally what we Singaporeans need! LTA should really consider buying this company over and offer it as a service for Singaporeans and tourists travelling in Singapore.

This portion ties in with the previous post related to Widgeous. If you have a Widgeous account, you may have a quick check of route information by sending a message formatted like “gothere bus from:<from_address> to:<to_address>”. Using this service via SMS is unfortunately not possible until Widgeous starts sending SMS messages that are longer than the usual 160 characters. Otherwise, this would be a superb service to have on the mobile phone.

Right~ It’s been such a long while since I last updated my blog. I have been really busy with writing my FYP progress report (which I have no idea why mine is so short compared to other bioengineers), with isolating cells from the cornea tissue that comes sporadically from NUH (every tissue that came into my lab ensures half a day gone) and catching up with school work. Hur hur~ Have spent too much time blogging already. But these two services are really great and I recommend all readers to go take a look. Better still, recommend them to your friends! Support Singapore products~!!! 😀

9 thoughts on “Singapore’s Web 2.0 (Part 2)

  1. I always need to refer the $5 bus guide, but this website is much much better than the bus guide and street directory MRT/bus route. and its FREE!!!

    Anw, am abit confused by the “5 stops later”. The stop that we board is 0th bus stop or 1st bus stop? and it means alight after 5 stops (6th bus stop) or 5th bus stop?


  2. i have to say this is a really good website! thanks for the introduction. when i was in holland, they had a very good website something like that too and i was hoping that singapore would haf sth like that too. and now it does.. SOOOOOo cool !

  3. Peter: I wish I know too. But it appears to involve a lot of work~! Especially with the integration of the location of all bus stops in Singapore. Very proud to have these developers. 🙂

  4. LTA integrated bus arrival time sms svc today!

    BUT it still requires bus stop code :S

    anw, just to make noise, LTA’s is hugely disappoiting. the “getting around” section doesn’t allow user to input from/to points. queer, they shud just name it “map”. the map takes forever to load and shows the bus stops only after 4 zooms. grrs!

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