a color or shade; the attribute of a color by virtue of which it is discernible as red, green, etc., and which is dependent on its dominant wavelength, and independent of intensity or lightness.

My mum always asks me why do I keep on “clicking the mouse” when I am designing on the computer. Little did she knows that I am trying to find the most suitable shade of color that fits into the whole design. Even the slightest difference in shade of color matters, okay. Anyways, here is something which allows you to test your sensitivity to colors with very close shades. The picture below shows roughly what you should be obtaining at the end of the test.

Time waster from Abduzeedo and yours truely. 😛

Test your color IQ.

Whoo~! Not a perfect score but not too bad~ Haha… But the shades of yellowish-green really looks the same to me. Even when they are laid side by side in this spectrum.


5 thoughts on “Hue

  1. piangz…i nearly went cock-eyed doing this test! hahaha.. my score is also 4…guess it’s ok considering i juz got home from nepal 3 hours ago 😛 i have problems with the pink hues

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