USNS Pecos (T-AO-197)

Wikipedia says

USNS Pecos (T-AO-197) is a Henry J. Kaiser-class underway replenishment oiler operated by the Military Sealift Command to support ships of the United States Navy.

And I was very honored to be on tour the ship last Saturday. Many thanks to Fen~! Story goes that Fen was approached by Andi on the MRT, who was attracted to the Magic Box t-shirt that he was wearing. Numbers were exchanged then, and Andi and her friends were invited to watch our DR2008 performance. They came, they had a blast, and Andi in turn invited Fen on board the oiler that she is working on.

Sembawang PSA

"Wow.. Wharves is a word on the phone~!"

Location: Sembawang PSA. We had slight difficulties getting to the place and had to ask several people along the way, including a group of Fench speaking guys.

After several security checkpoints…



First activity on board the oiler: Authentic lunch. There were three to choose from: chicken, beef and pork (I think).

Then it was a really extensive tour of the oiler itself. I forgot much details already but luckily I have these photos…

And there were many group photos too. Haha…



Oh oh... I forgot her name...

The ship captain

Despite the entertaining and fun tour, there were actually heavier moments too. On 9 December 1999 a U.S. Marine Corps H-46 helicopter crashed into the Pecos and sank while participating in a training mission. 7 of the 18 personnel on board the helicopter were lost in the accident. And Rose got the news that her son had to go to Afghanistan to support the military. 😦 That was really depressing.

With so many families affected by the war, there is finally an awakening. People are eager for a change, for a reboot…


3 thoughts on “USNS Pecos (T-AO-197)

  1. I still feel very guilty to take the jacket and short pants from Andi, I tot its paid by the ship, apparently, not. Its from her own pocket money!!!! sob sob…..
    How generous she is!!

  2. Oh yar the sweaters that costs around 25USD each. *Ahem* But we got them local delights such as Bah Kuah too what~ So it’s 礼尚往来, not a one-way-traffic where we keep on taking and not giving.

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