Vodpod videos no longer available.

So says Apple as their latest marketing slogan for iPod Nano. Details of the specifications aside, I find the advertisement extremely attractive. Especially the orgasmic outburst of colors near the end. Wow~ Makes me want to own one Blue iPod Nano immediately.

But I will control and wait for my all-unifying iPhone…

Meanwhile, I shall feast my eyes daily with this wallpaper. Did I say that clean and white is the new black in town?

Okay, time to geek out. It’s been a long while…

Saw this entry from Les Posen’s Presentation Magic by random that actually listed down the new transitions and animations seen during Steve’s latest keynote event (Download the video as a podcast). I can’t wait for the new features in Keynote to arrive. Keynote is by far the best presentation tool ever created. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’d never want to return back to Microsoft Powerpoint ever again. And with some creativity, you can actually create impressive animations and export it as a high definition video. Add in a sound track, and *BOOM*, a video that’s actually appropriate for a big-scale performance is done. Those who have seen my latest production might have an idea what I am talking about.

What’s interesting next is that Posen actually has the same style of presentation as I do (emphasis added by me):

One of the things I teach in my Presentation Magic classes is how to draw the eye to specific locations on the slide. There are any number of reasons for doing this, and any number of ways. Most presenters are utterly lazy and use those awful laser pointers to circle or point to something on the slide. Most times, it looks as if they have early onset Parkinson’s Disease because it’s very difficult to hold the pointer steady, and drawing circles around specific areas is usually of little help.

My preferred solution is to know ahead of time, when you prepare your slides, just what on the slide you want your audience to look for. You can state it: “Now, of you notice this column in the spreadsheet”  or Let’s take a closer look at this aeroplane’s engine exhaust”. Or, you can either circle these areas with a shape outline, or grey out the areas around the target location, leaving the target the only object in full colour or you can cut out the target, enlarge it, and bring it forward over a fuzzy background image. These are but two ways of drawing the audience’s eye where you want it to go.

This method really works. Not only do I no longer need to bring a laser pointer, I can also hide my trembling hands, which makes me look more confident than I am. 🙂

Looks like I have another blog to add to my daily reading list.


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