Dancers’ Night Out

NUSCDers hang out with one another so often, especially during the weeks leading up to the performance. The rehearsals that end late into the night means that all out stomachs will be singing the same growling songs, and late nights are great time to sit down and chit chat too. 😛

There was once when the rehearsal ended after the last bus had left NUS. Luckily YY was driving that evening, and I joined him and his darling in his car towards Chomp Chomp for supper. Han Wei was on his bike, leading the convoy, and with him was Huizhi.

"Don't move so that I can take a photo..."

Unfortunately, being a Friday midnight, Chomp Chomp was rather crowded. We had to settle for the Muslim store across the road. But we met Meiqi before we left~! Apparently they also just finish their dance practice. Hur hur~ I guess supper-ing really a dancer thing… 😛

Food~ Finally there’s food… Amazingly Huizhi ordered very little food. I wonder why…

And with that, we bid each other goodbye… Only to meet again in no more than 10 hours later for a photo-shoot session in the morning. I believe I was so tired then that I decide to share a cab to school with Huizhi. Cannot take it…


Fast forward a few weeks later, and Grace, Jingwen, Xuefen, YY and I are hanging out outside the Music Library. KFC was the supper of the night.

I wanted to save on the midnight surcharge for the cab ride home, and therefore I decided to follow the girls to Xuefen’s place to help out with a mural painting. Tada~ The painting below was the blueprint of the night. And the magnification was x8 onto a cloth 13m by (?)m long.

The night wasn’t a cooling one. Luckily Xuefen’s Dad was nice and he got me a pair of shorts to change into. I had my Coolie singlet and I changed into it. But…

A very amused Grace

Anyways, Xuefen started sketching the mural with her chalk and taught us how to handle the acrylic paint. We weren’t as professional as she is la… And so we started painting on the bigger blocks of color while she refined our rough work. That is to say that Xuefen had a lot of rough work to cover up. *OOPS*

Painting like a dancer

Anyways, I forgot what time did we, the un-pros, finish what we can finish. But I did remember realizing that I’ve lost my wallet (which I later recovered from the taxi driver). And that I walked to the MacDonald’s at Beauty World to buy McDonald’s breakfast (Yes, I consume a lot of that for morale boosting…) And that I was very impressed with what we could accomplish in a night. Don’t play play okay… Xuefen drew quite photorealistically.

Welcome to Great Wall of China!

Scandal Alert~!


Emailer to Dancers 

Quote from Xuefen:

It’s not perfect per se nor an artistic masterpiece, but it’s a testament to the hard work and tireless spirit of all those who have helped in one way or another. The value of art lies not in the eyes of the audience; but in the heart(s) of the creator(s) 🙂

Regarding the mural painting, some unfortunate hiccup happened later. While it got me all agitated, Xuefen managed it very well~ I can only say that I am very fortunate to have her as a co-dancer, and as a friend.

2 thoughts on “Dancers’ Night Out

  1. WAHAHAHA now i know why you so agreeable…原来是为了省cabfare!!! *tskkk* and now we know how nzj will look as an ahpek in erm…10 years time!!!

    nahhh just kidding; but really very 感动… the mural wouldn’t have materialized if not for all of you. thanks for everything; 一言难尽, but i’m truly blessed to have a friend like you:D

    jiayous for fyp and final year; cya soon!!! 😀

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