NUS Museum Open House

Remember the NUS Museum Open House? I went visiting it after my unproductive/unnecessary FYP introductory lecture at 8pm. Amazingly, there were still food available when I reached and I had my dinner there. The buffet was one of the best ones I’ve had. Ho ho ho~

But food was of course not the focus of the evening…

The performance was set to take place in the lower level of the museum where there were huge Chinese caligraphic paintings hung. The place is so scenic and 诗情画意 that it makes you want to perform well. There was still some time before the performance, so I walked around the museum for a while, participated in the lucky draw, and out came the dancers!

And I was of course not the only supporter around…

Wow… Is this my first time being just an audience for a NUS Chinese Dance performance? Without further ado, here’s the performance:

Tides of Times

choreography by Michael Wong

The dance and the surrounding just complements each other. It makes me want to hold more performances in the museum. Ones that does sufficient research into each of the exhibits and obtain inspirations from the art pieces. And it’s really exciting watching your co-dancers performing too. Especially one which you had danced in before. It’s like watching the dance from a totally different perspective. COOL~

In all, I thought that this is a very good attempt by the museum to bring performances into their exhibition halls. It softens the otherwise cold and empty ambiance, and it gives the visitors more things to see while they visit the museum. This can also be a platform by which dance groups increase their exposure, and they can take chance to publicize about their upcoming performances. *Ahem*

  Random Thoughts

  • I am starting to have meals at irregular timings. Things used to be more systematic and therefore healthier when I was in Canada.
  • I won the second price in the lucky draw! Whoo hoo~! It’s a 1GB Phillips GoGear, which is a mp3 player with integrated FM radio. Wahaha…
  • That was the 2008 redux of Tides of Times. Let’s take a look at the 2007 NUS Arts Festival version.


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