Unpublished Posters

Well, since I am on the topic of having designs being rejected, I thought I should show what other posters have I created before but were never published. Those were times before I had a blog to show and record what I had created. I guess this is a good chance to dig them out of their digital graves.

Rejectee 1

Original candidate for Dance Reflections 2006

Wow… That was my first attempt at creating a poster for such a huge event. I took the literal meaning of “色彩” and decided to work in that direction. And since the performance had a huge focus on the tribal groups in China, I worked on a more “Mother Nature” feel for the poster. This was rejected, but I was not given a very good picture of what should be changed… Hmm…

Rejectee 2

Original candidate for Dance Reflections 2006

Not wanting to probe in the dark, I decided to do a cold reboot and came out with a totally different poster. Simple image of girl doing a leap, with a dynamic ribbon across the poster. This covers the dance element. And I added bamboos and cityscrapes in the background to depict the themes of the performane: traditional tribal dance and contemporary modern dance. By far, this is the only poster that I consider belong to a dance performance. Unfortunately it was rejected too. Feedback was that it looked too dark and that the girl looked exposed. Haha…

Almost Rejectee 3

Selected candidate for Dance Reflections 2006

I must had drank some secret creative juice or been staying home for nutritious soup because after the second version was rejected, I managed to create something totally different again. This was almost rejected, until one of the clients said that it looked acceptable. *PHEW* But sometimes, I wonder if it looked acceptable or it was already too late for another change or they were too 不好意思 to ask me to change the design again. Personally, I don’t really like this poster… But I guess I am just relieved that it was accepted.


As usual, here’s a showcase of how each poster design has evolved over time before I settle them on the final version.

Poster v1

Poster v1

Poster V1 was the birth of the “ribbon” which I used many times for future poster designs.

Poster v2

Poster v2

The girl’s arm was “amputated” initially and I had to digitally add it back after I realized that many people noticed the lack of it. And notice my desperate attempts to colorize the poster after I was given the feedback that it was too dark. I eventually gave up on that.

Poster v6

Poster v6

After settling everything, I was told that actually the rainbow color, when appearing as a set together, sometimes represent the gay community. *AHEM* Oops… This signifies the death of future appearance of rainbow colors. Haha…


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