iPhone Keyboard

The iPhone includes several ingenious engineering solutions that aim to solve problems found in generic phones in the market. One of which is the touch screen keyboard which allows developers to redesign keyboards on the fly to suit different situations. This was never possible in our typcial phones with physical keyboards. No other video illustrates the strength of having a virtual keyboard other than this extracted from the Japanese iPhone Guided Tour. One may not understand wholly what the Japanese guy was saying exactly, but the video itself is able to demonstrate the capability clearly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you watch all the way till at least 2:42, you’d begin to see why I am very impressed by how the Apple software engineers designed the Japanese keyboard. Advanced users can type even faster by making use of the structure of the Japanese character set. Flick~!

Update 13 Aug 2008:

The rationale and cannot-get-to-sleep me (I woke up wide awake at 4am) decide to do an analysis on current Singtel plans and check on what is the possible lowest price plan that I can get from Singtel. Assuming that they have a student plan and they make it mandatory that you get a mobile data plan, the cheapest is a combination of iOne Plus ($25.68) and BroadBand on Mobile 1000 plan ($22.42). This gives the grand total of $48.22 inclusive of GST. This number is a little depressing. Hmm… Considering that Singapore has Wireless@SG at almost every major shopping centres and I am in NUS most of the time, I am hoping that Singtel gives iPhone users the option of not bundling the mobile data plan. I can just use the free wireless that is available at those locations. This will bring my monthly cost down to $27.48. But who am I kidding right? This is too great a chance for Singtel to profit from being the exclusive retailer of iPhone. Hmm… To iPhone or to not iPhone…

Update 12 Aug 2008:

Looks like I chose the timing of my iPhone post rather nicely. See what Singtel just emailed me. All I need to worry now is the cost of the monthly plans…

iPod Touch/iPhone related announcement: For the convenience of all iPod Touch and iPhone users (hopefully including myself in a near future), a link to the embedded video will be provided for all future posts. Just click the button. This will allow you to view the videos directly in your portable device without the need of the Flash video player. 🙂


5 thoughts on “iPhone Keyboard

  1. his laptop 😀

    oohs there’s a crack line (or sth of the likes) on the side of the white iphone; heard abt it in when in Holland. gotta check it out if you decide to get the white one.

  2. WHOOOO~ So you are getting an Apple laptop! Congratulations. Hur hur~

    I went to an ACTUAL Apple store when I was in Montreal. It just had its opening ceremony recently. Perfect timing. Anyways, comparing between the black and white versions of the iPhone, I prefer the black one. Looks more sleek… The white iPhone seems to be more suitable for ladies. 🙂

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