Niagara Falls (Final Post)

This is a continuation of previous posts describing my trip at Niagara Falls.

I am one that strongly believes in the phrase “The early bird gets the worm”, and so I started my next day at Niagara Falls really early at 8am. Even the busiest streets of Clifton Hill was deserted. Check out the contrast:

Anyways, deserted streets means that the wildlife is free come out and roam around. Look at the catch of the day: a really cute black baby squirrel.

We spotted one restaurant serving buffet breakfast. We then had the crazy idea of having a really heavy breakfast so that we can save on the lunch. (Eating out was expensive practically everywhere.) And so here we go…

The food was not too bad at all. It was a typical Western breakfast with scrambled eggs, french toast, sausages and beacon. It was almost similar to what we have for breakfast every morning. We took our time to get our fill while watching a F1 race at Monte Carlo, which I found out days later that *gasp* Xue Fen was watching the same telecast in Singapore at Hard Rock Cafe.

Once we were done stuffing ourselves, it was a walk by the falls again. It had this mysterious draw that made us want to take more photos of it. Here are the best photos of Niagara Falls by the day. (I didn’t know my hair was that short in May…)

We then walked further up north to visit the now defunct hydroelectric power station. Ha commented that the falls looked like a steamboat from the other angle. Hur hur~

We were so “entranced” by the falls that we almost forgot that visiting the factory outlet was part of our plan. Then there was a mad rush to the bus stop. We missed the bus by a few minutes and decided to take a cab there. And since it was pure shopping, there’s nothing much photos to take. Maybe this would help illustrate how many outlets there were…

But there was not enough time~! We had to rush through all the outlets and shop selectively. Then it was time to catch the bus which will bring us back to Toronto, and then to London…

Random Thoughts

Niagara Falls is beautiful because of how Nature has changed the landscape over millions of years. But as I was walking along the falls, I began to wonder how long will the natural look of the falls remain? Take a historic landmark, the Table Rock, for example. It was a shelf of bare rock that was once part of the crest of the Horseshoe Falls. It was left isolated when the falls receded. However, the overhang was “blasted off for safety reasons” in 1935. I wonder how many other modifications were done to the area but I sincerely hope that we would not reshape the area too much because of our visual/safety needs.

Update 13 Aug 2008:

This concluded the first time that me and Ha visit neighbouring cities ourselves. 原来他也可以那么好玩;跟我是闷骚一派。:D


3 thoughts on “Niagara Falls (Final Post)

  1. haha i meant to say the ones in spore run away too fast when u see them…too fast for any phototaking to occur. must be related to the pace of life hahaha

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