Presentation Day

Today concludes the end of the summer internship program. We were asked to do a 12 minute presentation each to explain what we have accomplished over the past few weeks. I used Keynote for my presentation of course. And since my project mate has little experience in doing presentation (he did only 3 in 3 years of NUS education), we combined our 12 minute presentations into one and I integrated his contents into mine. He was glad about the fact that I prepare the speech for him and he was able to see it during the presentation itself. What can be difficult about reading off the screen? All he needed to do was to familiarize with the visual interface and the remote control. We spend some time rehearsing at the venue itself on the day before, and I believe this was going to be one of my more prepared and more relaxed presentation. Oh, and here are some of the slides:

nzj with Google Reader

Trung Ha with Gladiatus

“Yeah~ This was what we have been doing the past few weeks” Haha… Imagine if these were really in our slides. 😀

So we did our presentation this afternoon. The audience was bigger than what I had in mind, but I was still rather calm. We were so confident that we volunteered to do the presentation first. Haha~ So here we go…

I did the opening for the presentation. In fact, I insisted on doing the introduction part because I believe the opening is very important and it sets the pace and tone for the rest of the presentation. Trung Ha covered the theoretical portion of the project (which he is definitely stronger at), and I wrapped up the whole presentation. It happened that when it was my turn to do the Recommendations and Conclusion sections, my MacBook Pro hung on me. Oh my god~ Surprisingly, I was able to act nonchalent about it. Haha~ I even commented aloud, “Ah, the magic of technology.” Since it seemed impossible for me to revive my wife without a reboot, I decided to do the rest of the presentation without the presentation slides.

Obviously I thought that I had nothing to lose. Otherwise the usual me wouldn’t do something so crazy; especially since I didn’t even bother to memorize the presentation notes. But… I must have been lucky because the flow of the presentation was very clear in my mind. And therefore I was able to rattle on while I wait for my MacBook Pro to reboot. Not bad at all…

Then the second hiccup came. When my MacBook Pro finally rebooted, it wasn’t able to show the presentation on the projector because of some “lack of video memory”. Wad~ I did a technical rehearsal the day before and this had to happen today. And in the end, I finished the rest of the presentation with a pdf export that I had already prepared before hand.

Surprisingly, our supervisors were very happy with our achievements. They thought we were pushing the project in the right direction even though we didn’t manage to attain some experimental results. It was quite weird saying goodbye. And I left him and one other “god of electronics” with a pack of vacuumed 肉干 from Singapore…


In all, I thought the presentation was still very well done~! HAHAHA… Having a technical problem in the middle of the presentation has never happened for me and I believe this experience will help me better manage myself the next time it happens again. 🙂 This was also the first time I had to deliver my failure (to obtain some results) during my presentation. Delivering bad news is quite an art…

On a more serious note, I have no idea what happened to my MacBook Pro during the presentation. I wonder if it has got to do with the fact that I was using the laptop on battery power. Hmm…


5 thoughts on “Presentation Day

  1. Maybe it’s not necessary that you memorize the contents purposely. Most of the information would be in your head anyways, since you’ve already spent so much time in making the presentation slides. So probably what’s more important is to not gan chiong and let the words come to you. Heh~

  2. bak kwa as gifts! nice.
    Normally I just prepare another laptop on standby for hot swap, should this shit happen.

    Well done on keeping calm and talking as normal! Doing the presentation yourself definitely has benefits of having the contents in your mind vividly. HAHAHA unlike others who rely on someone else to do the presentation slides and just show up to talk on the day. confirm cock up one.

  3. Another laptop for hot swap… Never consider that. But that would be nice right~

    Then again, I think it was 曹启泰 who said that “好的主持人在一个平静完美的晚宴发挥不了什么。只有好的主持人能在出状况时发挥所长。” Or something to that extent. Depending on the audience, if you can pull off the presentation smoothly despite technical difficulties, I believe one may leave a deeper impression on the audience than another presentation without any problems.

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