French Canada

Not sure if anyone (other than that someone) remembers the term “French Canada“. I finally got it~! At least I think so… Hur hur~ More about it when I eventually have time to blog about my whole touring experiences. Shuck~ I am still stuck at Niagara Falls…

Anyways, I am travelling to the city of Montreal and then Quebec from tonight 3am; and I won’t be back to London till 1am on 6th of August. Then I’d catch a flight in London at 1145am, and it’d be a long flight home… As such, I don’t believe I’d have any chance to blog while I am in Canada. (Maybe I’d still have time for a quick Twitter…) I’ve decided to not bring my laptop along with me to Montreal because I can save that 2kg weight and I need not worry about the security of my hostel.

A very big thank you to all those who have accompanied me through this journey, via email or MSN or blog or Skype. 有你们分享我的喜怒哀乐,是一种幸福吧…

Extra thank you to Yixin who will be helping me bid for my modules when I have no Internet access. 谢谢!


5 thoughts on “French Canada

  1. I HOPE YOU SEE THIS WHEN YOU’RE IN MONTREAL!!! PLS REMEMBER TO GO AND TRY SCHWARTZ SMOKED BEEF ITS FANTASTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must try the real one ok?? not the fake ones. its a little smokey shop along an upslope. i can’t remember where, but ask around and you’ll get there. 😛

    me loves montreal of all the places!!!!

    oh and the zoo at montreal is quite cool. hahaha. its some dome shaped thing and you get to be in really close proximity to the animals. but its quite pricey la heh.

    AND GO AND VISIT NOTRE DAME. ITS F-ING BEAUTIFUL. its along the riverside if im not wrong. =))))) and also the gelato icecream there also quite nice!! but i can’t rem the name of the place. haha….

    HAVE FUN!!!!

  2. wil: Yeah, this was taken when I was in Hamilton. But me thinks it’d be even nicer if I have time to enhance the color. Haha…

    enucie: Your comments left me giggling at 8am in the morning. HAHAHA… Thanks for the information! Today’s plan is to explore around Old Montreal followed by the Biosphere. 🙂 🙂

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