Twenty Four

Accidental 自拍

Twenty four is rather a boring age. It’s in the middle of nowhere. I guess the next time that I’d be excited/petrified about my birthday is my thirtieth; when I stop writing “2” and start writing “3” as the first number of my age in sign up forms. Thirty… That should be a year to look forward to. By that time, I would want to be in a job I love and have passion for.

Enough of the future… Looking back, I realized that I did not achieve all of my last year’s birthday resolutions. Time to reflect on them…

  • “Take IPPT at least 3 times and pass it.”
    WOW… I didn’t know that I was so ambitious last year. I didn’t even take it once before flying off. 😦 I guess I should put a more specific target.
  • “Hunt down a bioengineering firm and work there for one holiday.”
    I did try looking for a bioengineering firm to work in Singapore, but to no avail. But I guess this summer internship is considered fulfilling half of the target I set for myself. Just that I am not getting any income for this internship.
  • “Get a camera.”
    I got it~! WHOO~! Bought it on the day before I flew for the Korea trip. Have been using it to its maximum I guess. A very useful purchase…
  • “Be a better dancer.”
    Hmm… This is very difficult to judge. But I guess there was some breakthrough for me for Arts Festival. I can handle my emotions on stage better now, but I am still lacking a lot technically. And I definitely need more courage for the upcoming solo… 想到就怕…
  • “Get house key.”
    I think I have mustered enough courage to ask for the house keys when I finally reach home. I guess my mother’s fear is that I am irresponsible person. But I have good track records of not losing keys to my hostel room and home at Canada. So… Let’s see what happens on the next day I get out of my house when I am finally back in Singapore.

Now for the resolutions of this year. I should write more specific targets that are measurable this time.

  • Take IPPT on December, May and July until I pass it.
  • Get second upper for my degree.
  • Have a breakthrough in my dance experience, excluding DR08. Breakthrough can refer to doing a radically different genre, or dance in a different performance, or grasping a technique perfectly.
  • Keep my savings above $X, even if I go for another self-funded tour.

Somehow I have less visions for the coming year. Probably the future is clouded and unclear with the notion of me stepping into the working life. :S

Digress: When I am blogging, my project mate came over to see what I am writing. And he asked, “What do you mean by house key?” And both of us had a good laugh (to tears) when he finally realize what I meant. For the record, he got the keys to his house at Grade 2. Over on MSN, when Yixin heard of my first two targets, she said, “There was this burst of air coming up from within me, travelling up my lungs and windpipe, and filled up my whole mouth, and I had to refrain hard from laughing…” Grr~


9 thoughts on “Twenty Four

  1. Nah~ Housekeys in wallet destroys the wallet. I’ve been safe with it in my pocket and backpack for the past few weeks… Yeah~

    Xiao: WOW! First time leaving your trace on my blog. Thanks~! :):):)

  2. Happy belated birthday! 🙂 May all your birthday resolutions come true! Mebbe i can help you achieve the dance one hahahaha….:P

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