Pile Up

Been busy lately. Of all time, the project that I have been working on choses to pick up momentum only when I am about to leave. (It’s five more working days from today, by the way.) And deadlines from Singapore are chasing me like wild dogs. Got to throw something out before they bite.

For the performance poster this year, I am given a fugly template to use.

With all due respect to whoever that designed the template, I don’t understand why:

  • The “Dance Reflections” mast has to be this huge and placed in a critical position. Notice that your eyes usually read from left to right and top to bottom. This means that the top left area is a prime property. The template makes me feel like I’ve won a house, only to realize that there’s a tree planted right at my doorway.
  • There’s a huge chunk of text in the bottom left corner.
  • And within that chunk of text, it contains information that conflicts with which channel of communication interested patrons should go to if they want to know more about the performance. It includes hotline number, email and website address, all of which are NOT directly related to the performance itself.

When I queried about such decisions, it was said that those are for standardised official branding, “so please understand that we should try not to have different messages.” The more I think about the explanation, the more I think it does not justify my query #3.

But what the heck…

Having a template to conform to means I have to reshuffle the original concept. So here goes:

Here’s half an edition earlier before I settle on the above design:

Comments so far:

  • Not attention grabbing.
  • Benches look weird/cartoony.
  • Font for the English title is ugly.
  • English title should be in title case instead of all in small case.
  • Once again, a poster that does not look like it’s for a dance performance.

*Ahem* Not very encouraging but I will say that this design is quite far away from my usual style. Maybe I chose the wrong performance to experiment. Hur hur~


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