FYP Allocation List

Final Year Project… Something that seemed so far away three years ago is finally here. Went through the process of choosing my top six choices (the school administration definitely wanted to ensure that everyone gets something), and I finally got allocated to my third choice. :S

Let’s talk about what I didn’t get.

First choice: Developing web-based visualisation tools for bioengineering applications

This is a FYP which involves programming, something which I believe I have passion for. It may be difficult, but at least I am comfortable with the idea of reading books about programming and staring at my codes the whole day to find bugs. And the professor is well known to be extremely helpful to his students. The only problem is that I have to be brilliant and be disciplined enough to do things at my own pace. Basically this is the only project which attracted me in the whole list of 72 projects. But alas, this project was allocated to Amanda… Sadness…

Second choice: Study of the neurophysiologic characteristics of attention

I chose this project because the project description sounded very fun.

The student will be working together with postdoctoral research fellows to carry out the following main tasks: 1) designing a series of sustained-attention experiments, 2) measuring EEG data on school kids in those sustained-attention experiments for database development…

ECG data on school kids! Wow… That sounds both interesting and busy at the same time. I can imagine the school kids running around. That is if they are working on primary school kids. Haha… But the last part about analysis is a little boring. 😦 Nevertheless, it’s still more appealing to me compared to the other 70 projects.

Now… Onto what I got:

Third choice: Response of human cornea epithelial cells to substrate nanotopography for cornea tissue engineering

This has the most technical project title and has the most tongue twisting project description.

Damaged corneas are currently treated by cornea transplants but there is a limited availability of donor grafts. Cornea cells native ECM comprises of nano-scale features.  We hypothesize that nanotopography can enhance the proliferation, function and cell-matrix interaction of cornea epithelial cells and cornea epithelium can be reconstructed by using nano-structured substrates.  The project will be conducted in two phases: an optimal topography feature for the proliferation and adhesion of the human cornea epithelial cells (HCEs) will be identified in phase 1; the formation and function of the stratified epithelium formed on this optimal substrate will be evaluated in phase 2.

And it’s lab based. 😦 But the good thing about lab based FYPs is that they generally have a timeline for you and therefore there is a chasing stick for the more undisciplined ones. And they usually do not require brilliant minds since you need not create amazing algorithms and/or complicated formulas. Based on this, I decided to place one at the third choice, however much I dislike lab work.

I pray that I will love corneas and all the technical stuffs soon. I need the passion in me to finish this last hurdle. Grr~

One thought on “FYP Allocation List

  1. I got my 3rd choice too!! blardy hell. seriously, I also only considered my first choice as the only one I wanted to do. funny isn’t it? Choice 2 onwards are irrelevant.

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