Lesson Learnt

If there’s anything that I’ve learn from this three month journey, I believe one of them would be to always execute plans based on how I want things to be, instead of involving others and waiting for their approval/blessings. This is concluded from the two kinds of people that I’ve interacted with:

1. The Politically Correct

This category of people want to let themselves be seen in the best light and therefore they always sound the most positive and supportive of your plans. Then they give a somewhat valid reason to buy themselves some time for “decision making”. Meanwhile, time goes by and they continue to drop hints of their interests now and then. This is with my continual reminders that they are not obliged to follow my plans and are free to do as they wish. Finally, when it seems that there is no more time for delays, such as when the plan was to be executed in less than 12 hours, they pull out. And it comes bundled with an extremely meaningless excuse which could have been given on the first day the plan was discussed.

This is disgusting and I have totally no respect for this kind of people. Why, in Huizhi’s words, lead people on, and make them wait for you?

In my case study, I just totally ignored the following instant messages that came in and went on ahead, at full blast, to make the necessary purchases and plans. Costs have increased because of the delayed purchase, similar to flight tickets where the later you buy, the more expensive they’d be. Fortunately, the plan went on smoothly the next day, although I have the nagging feeling that it could have been more perfect if I’ve had known of the decision days earlier.

2. The Forgetful

I am more forgiving towards this group of people because I am forgetful myself.

Plans were made or were briefly discussed, but they were not executed because by the time it was meant to be executed, people were not ready. Then there is no point to carry out the plan anymore since it’s past the optimal time and if I am lucky, the plan may be postponed to a later date. I’d just need to shuffle my schedule around and make it work.

Sigh~ I don’t know what I am blabbering about but this Sunday does not seem like a good day.


5 thoughts on “Lesson Learnt

  1. hmm.
    i guess that’s the whole thing about traveling and going on SEP. u see all sorts of ppl.

    and may i add,
    3. do things their own way as though the existance of others around doesn’t exist (in the case of people traveling tgr in a grp and not alone and then meeting new friends). Perhaps this includes all the dilly-dallying, hogging toilets, etc etc (whatever that can delay time) and hence waste precious time of others.

    4. people who always have miscommunications. sometimes it drives u crazy, esp when it’s important stuff.

    5. people who don’t communicate. its as though u’re traveling alone, yet you are not really alone physically, but u just can’t get thru and so its like stuck in the middle. at times when u wish there’s jus someone to listen, n if there’s no communication, tada… sad life.

    6. probably alot more of other types of ppl. which i am lazy to think n continue typing.

    haha. but i guess all these are probably just part and parcel with SEP lar.
    hmmm. i dun wanna go back to spore.. haha. despite the cold harsh weather here.

  2. hahah~! wow.. wad a list you’ve managed to add on top of mine. five more working days for me… but i am not sure if i wan to go back Singapore or not. it’s as if I’d neither gain nor lose anything from going back. nothing much to look forward to too.

  3. More characteristics to be added in:

    N: Those who goes to other cities to sleep in the hostel. I think I prefer hanging out on the streets OR just stay at home and stay-in.

    N+1: Those who agreed to wake up and gather at 9.30am, only to say “Um… Okay…” and return to sleep when I wake them up at 9.40am. WHAT WAS THAT!? A total disregard to what was arranged? And doing this for two days consecutive? Sianz…

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