SYTYCD Season 4 Top 14

Delayed post due to the flu which I am still recovering from. *cough* 😦

Getting closer and closer to finding which dancers are the top 10 dancers. Each couples were requested to do two dance choreography this week. There were rather good dance numbers, but one was so good that I decide to let it have the full attention this week.

Joshua Allen & Katee Shean

to the song “Hometown Glory” by Adele

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WOW… Joshua and Katee is officially the couple to beat. They dance what is required of them, and most importantly they don’t over do it. And it’s rare to be able to perform a typical abstract Mia Michael’s choreography and yet get the audience mad about the performance. Take a look at the dance before we see what the choreography is about according to the choreographer.

  • 0:08 – It’s interesting that the back walk involves bending the back first.
  • 0:11+ – The acceleration and deceleration of the walk. Makes even the walking backwards portion seem like we are watching it on tape being rewound.
  • 0:26+ – The first moments the two characters in the dance meets. I liked the emotions portrayed in both dancers.
  • 0:34+ – Once again, the close to perfect synchronicity between Joshua and Katee. Uber chemistry displayed there.
  • 1:05+ – I love the actions here. It looked extremely organic. 
  • 1:13+ – BEST MOMENTS OF THE EPISODE. They were like skipping rocks across the calm water surface or heroes from Chinese kungfu movies. Phenomenal…
  • 1:19: If you pause the video at this moment, Katee’s body was straight and parallel to the ground. Wow… What a leap of faith.
  • 1:27+ – Nice lift execution. Looked effortless.
  • 1:29+ – And the expressions right after the lift… Wow…

And so the dance is about a pair of lovers who only sought after their individual wants and needs. I wonder what other interpretations there can be…

And finally there’s something interesting from the results show.

Robert Morrelli

to the music Gonna make you sweat-Everybody dance now by C+C Music factory

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The performance was jaw dropping and I must say that he made an excellent choice of music to match his style.

Next was Gev doing his solo dance item because he was unfortunately one of the bottom six dancers. Dancing to the song Everybody Loves A Carnival by Fatboy Slim, this is an exemplary example of what is meant by “dance for your life”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He was of course safe and made it to the top 12 dancers. 😀

One thought on “SYTYCD Season 4 Top 14

  1. Yah Gev has a rather unique style to bboying, quite unlike hok or dominic previously. It’s really refreshing and boy was he dancing for his life. hahaha

    The katee and joshua mia michael contemporary got to be the best performance piece this season. It really captivated me and I couldnt take my eyes off this performance. The precision was amazing. The emotions intense. Both rubbed off each other. And the amount of trust Katee has for Joshua ~ Wow…if only I can trust my dance partner to this extent hehehe 😛

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