Message could not be sent…

I’m getting a little frustrated with people who appear offline on any instant messaging services. Especially those who does so, dumps you with a random request while appearing offline, and expects you to reply.

Thanks to the almighty Microsoft, there isn’t a fully functional Windows Live instant messenger client on  platforms such as Mac and Linux. Even the official clients released by Microsoft does not have all the features found on the Windows version. As such, users of the service using other platforms are slightly crippled. For example, they are not able to retrieve offline messages sent to them when they were offline, and they cannot send messages to users appearing offline too. I would say that these aren’t really important features and so I could continue using it without being much affected. But…

Hey, I keep getting this: “Message could not be sent because the user is offline”. This is why I couldn’t get back to you immediately.

Faint~ Next time if you have this problem, just send me an email.

[忍…] So you haven’t heard anything from __________?

No, I did not see him on MSN.

OH~! I thought you would have sent him an email already.

The last sentence was much harsher when I it first came into my mind.  But I reminded myself to be more diplomatic and therefore took much effort to rephrase it before typing it out.

I’m sorry if I sound like an old bag whining, but instant messaging is a form of real-time communication between two or more people. Why be invisible if you want to communicate? See how communication breaks down when you start dissapearing. Personally, your right to get immediate response on instant messengers is lost from the very moment you appear offline. Why would I bother replying since you are already not available?

Probably a more fundamental problem we are all facing is the phenomenon that no one takes notice of your status on instant messengers. One could have a “Busy” or “Away” status, and yet other users on the network continues to assumes that you are available. And some even fault you when you do not reply their trivial and/or unconseqential messages. For this, I have a semi-solution: Just give them a gentle reminder that you are occupied at the moment. And I’ve got this covered by an auto-responder.

Sometime at the back of my head, I wonder if I am right or this is the aging me not adapting/accepting to new cultures… FYI, I couldn’t also really understand the culture of complicated emoticons on instant messengers too. Most of them just distract me from the conversation while I fry my brain trying to figure out what some of them mean.


3 thoughts on “Message could not be sent…

  1. Additional rambling: People who has the habit of appearing offline often also assumes that others are appearing offline too. And therefore the “I tried instant messaging you [while you were offline] but you did not reply.” Dude… I don’t appear offline. :S If I am not seen online, 90% of the time I’m not logged on. For the other 10%, I’d be so busy that I won’t bother replying.

  2. hahaa…yeah, i know how u feel. and, i’m one of those who appear away/busy when i dun feel like talking to people or i wanna enjoy watchin my anime without interruption. sometimes i feel bad not replyin. haha. i shouldn’t right? haha.

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