@ Niagara Falls (25 May)

Wow… It’s almost one month since I visited Niagara Falls. Better blog about it before my backlog stacks too high for me to handle…

Well, this was what we saw when we got off the bus that was suppose to bring us to Niagara Falls. This got us questioning ourselves whether we had got off the bus at the right stop. Where is the waterfall?!

With the aid of the map captured into my camera, we tried to look for the hostel. Finding it will be able to help us confirm that we were indeed at the right location. And found it we did.

The hostel we chose was HI-Niagara Falls Rainbow Hostel. (What a mouthful name…) It was nothing impressive, charges you more than the quoted price on the internet if you are not its member, and under promised other stuffs. Therefore although it was relatively cheap to stay in it, I wouldn’t really recommend going back there again.

After checking in, we took heed of the advice given by the receptionist and had a thirty minute walk from the hostel to the Niagara Falls. Although it was already 6:30pm, the day was still rather bright thanks to the longer summer days. And the excitement increased as we got closer and closer to the fall.

Seeing the sign “Bridge to USA” and being so close to the US for the first time made me promise myself that I’d visit that country at least once in my life. While walking under the Rainbow Bridge, I finally caught view of the Niagara Falls for the first time.

It was really exciting and we accelerated downstream(?) to catch an even better view of the fall. The number of photos we took of the fall was countless.

We then saw this cruise ride that brings you very much closer to the falls. It looks very interesting but we couldn’t decide whether it would be better if we take it the next day. (It was already 7pm by the time we reached the fall.) After much considerations, we decided to go ahead with the cruise ride. And what we got was an even more shocking views of the fall. The spectacle was majestic enough that you don’t need a high end SLR to capture impressive pictures.

By the way, they issued us with blue raincoats that will shade us from all the mist that came out from the falls. This made me look kinda weird and so I shall not post any of them here. Hur hur…

All the passengers became really high when we got into the middle of the horseshoe-shaped waterfall. The mist was heavy, the weather was cold, and everyone was shouting. Mother nature has brought out the innocence in us again.

Off the ferry, we still couldn’t stop taking photos of the fall. Although we knew that we were basically taking photos of the same thing, we still did it anyways. I guess we were just simply entranced back then.

The weather turned cold progressively as the night approaches. And given that we were already frozen from immersing ourselves in the mist just now, the cold got a little unbearable. I was shivering most of the time. By the time we found dinner, it was already 9pm…

When we went out of the restaurant, we were shown another side of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls by night:

As usual, we unknowingly took countless photos of the waterfall despite reminding ourselves aloud that whatever we are taking are probably the same. Therefore by the time we finally distance ourselves from the waterfall, it was already 11pm. I insisted on visiting Clifton Hill as it was said to be the Las Vegas look-alike with vibrant night life. And so we took a quick walk in the street.

It was at this time when I realized that one weekend was possibly not enough to explore the whole of Niagara. “I WANT MORE TIME IN NIAGARA~!”

Fast forward to 11.30pm when we finally start the 30min walk back to our hostel. We left the busy street to the quiet and empty road back home…

Random Thoughts

  • Coincidentally, me and Trung Ha owns the same Canon IXUS75 camera. The only difference is the color of our camera.
  • Trung Ha is quite a good travelling companion because he reads my blog sometimes he takes good photographs.
  • It was a 4 people room that we got at the HI-Hostel and the person sleeping on the bed above mind had body odor. 😦
  • I feel for the poor Americans who are on the side of the falls and therefore are not able to see the majestic view of the falls themselves.
  • I’m not sure if this was true but I believe that the ferry ride we were in was the last trip of the day. This had several advantages:
    • The boat was the least crowded and therefore all the passengers had the freedom to roam around the ferry to take pictures of the falls at different angles as we pleased. This was a huge difference from the situation in the morning and afternoon rides when the rides were packed with people.
    • The ride was significantly longer than other rides as we have no other ferries behind us. We could therefore theoretically stay within the horseshoe-shaped waterfall a little while longer.
  • I have no idea why I have the um-chio look here.

  • To capture the effect of “flowing water”, we extended the exposure of our cameras to the maximum of two seconds and used the railings to stabilize the camera for the shot. Then we saw another professional photographer with his SLR and camera tripod. His exposure was 40 seconds long.
  • We were talking about random topics on our walk back home. One that I remembered was we exchanged stories from our National Service experience.
  • WordPress made some “improvements” to their user interface for us to write blog entries. But it kept modifying the alignments that I’ve done. So right now I am stuck to using the HTML view instead of the more visual Visual view.

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