SYTYCD Season 4 Top 18

More picks from the program; this time a contemporary piece.

Gev Manoukian & Courtney Galiano

to the song Lost by Anouk

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This item wasn’t executed perfectly, there are some visible hiccups here and there, but I thought the choreography was superb. Makes me miss dance items that require pair work and lifts.

  • 0:02+: I really loved the way this number started. The way the girl was being moved around like a doll, sitting her on his legs with her feet pointed. The accelerated and decelerated moments are just so typical of contemporary dances which I like.
  • 0:24: Interesting transfer between positions.
  • 0:32: The moment she smiled… Melted my heart…
  • 0:37+: Interesting lift which I believe should be manageable.
  • 0:45: One do-able lift.
  • 1:03: Pulsating body movements. Hmm… Creates very good visual effect. (Plus the smile of course.)
  • 1:06+: Lift sequence which seems quite tiring but should still be manageable.
  • 1:17: Interesting choreography.
  • 1:21+: Another nice lift sequence~!

Random Thoughts

  • Given that the dancers have only one week to master the item, I am very amazed how fast they can coordinate the transitions which could be very awkard for the dancers.
  • Always liked the opening number for the result show, but this season has delivered another rather flat choreography that didn’t excite me as it usually does.
  • This episodes had some more stunning ending positions.

  • One last thing: learnt another technical term from SYTYCD: Dance belt. I’ve seniors who had to wear it for their performances before. I pray that my turn would never come. 😦

One thought on “SYTYCD Season 4 Top 18

  1. Agreed, I like “the accelerated and decelerated moments of typical contemporary dances” as well ! high and low… can see the contrast…

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