Fine Dinning @ Home

Who says we need to go to restaurants to enjoy great and classy dinner? We have a perfect cook at home. Here’s an update look on the valid eligible bachelor that I am so lucky to be living with:

Last night, we had bacon and parsley leaves wrapped in chicken breast meat, cooked in red wine. He initially wanted to use basil leaves but they cost extremely expensive here, in the range of 10CAD per 100g. Therefore adjustments had to be made. But it taste good nevertheless~! We ate it with boiled french beans, broccoli and baked potatoes.

Tada~! And we had red wine too~! (Though strictly speaking we should be having white wine…) And the newspaper really destroyed the scene, but we had no choice. Otherwise it’d be more cleaning up work to do after dinner. Here’s how it look like close up:

Then tonight, the chef has inspirations too. And therefore he decided to put in some extra effort for another special dinner.

(Urgh~ The newspaper just deducts so many marks from the presentation…)

This is a fusion dish. With a thick slice of fried salmon, pepper prawns, and asparagus, served with rice and tomato soup. Not forgetting the white wine… Hee hee hee~ Here’s how the dish looks like close up:

I concluded at the end of the dinner that we cannot afford to have such meals too often. It’s way too sinful~!! Elaborated dish, wine, cool weather that complements the wine. PERFECT!

Random Thoughts

  • Staying with them makes me want to improve my breakfasts and lunches, and improved it did. My lunch sandwiches have different variety and I now can even prepare fresh potato salad in the morning for my lunch. (Thanks to Huizhi for the instructions transmitted over MSN.)
  • When I am helping out in the kitchen, I sometimes visualize myself as a scavenger, grabbing all the stray used plates and washing them clean once they are not used. Hur hur~

4 thoughts on “Fine Dinning @ Home

  1. no photos of salad because it was prepared in a rush in the morning. and there’s nothing much to see anyways, all yellow and white. not as appealing as the dinner dishes.

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